Woman Convicted of Manslaughter After Boyfriend Mistook and Hit The Wrong Man For Butting In Line

_45515090_splitLondon prosecutors have charged a couple after a bizarre death. Tony Virasami was caught on CCTV as he punched Kevin Tripp, 57, who died. The assault occurred after Virasami’s girlfiend, Antonette Richardson, called him over to complain that Tripp jumped in front of her in line. What is interesting about the case is that Richardson was convicted of manslaughter in the case – a charge that would never have been sustained in the states.

Virasami was waiting in the car outside when he received the call from Richardson about a man who yelled at her and jumped in line. She pointed out a man named Prendergast, but Virasami hit the wrong man. Tripp suffered a fatal brain injury.

Tripp left had a five-year-old daughter. At the time of the attack, Virasami was on bail for shoplifting while Richardson has prior convictions for deception and handling stolen goods.

The jury took more than seven hours to deliver the 11-1 majority verdict. While the charge against the boyfriend is obviously well based, the charge against the girlfriend appears more of a stretch. In the states, a unanimous verdict is needed and a manslaughter charge would be viewed as improper in such case. Though we have had our own criminal cases originating in cutting in line, here.

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