Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis Held in Contempt For Refusing to Disclose Lists of Officers Repeatedly Accused of Abuse

cpdcrnt-thU.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman in Chicago has held Police Superintendent Jody Weis in contempt for refusing to turn over lists of officers who have repeated complaints filed against them for abuse and violence. Weis insists that such a release of the list would diminish morale.

There appear to be multiple lists kept by the police. Weis is withholding lists that reportedly contains officers with as many as 65 total complaints over the last five years, including one with 199 officers with six or more excessive force complaints and another that includes about 2,500 officers with six or more misconduct complaints.

Weis simply decided to ignore a direct order from the court without any cognizable legal claim, insisting that that publishing “repeaters” would be bad for officers.

Jody Peter “J.P.” Weis spent 23 years in the Federal Bureau of Investigation before assuming the position in Chicago. He is far outside the lines on this occasion and is worthy of sanctions by the court.

Both Judge Gettleman and Magistrate Judge Maria Valdez ordered Weis to turn over the names in a lawsuit filed by Donna Moore, who claims that an officer abused her 11-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter when arresting them in a playground incident.

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10 thoughts on “Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis Held in Contempt For Refusing to Disclose Lists of Officers Repeatedly Accused of Abuse”

  1. It is rediculous that everyone seems to write these stories but you never see any follow-up to them. Weiss offered to take a pay cut, wow how generous of him but he’s paying officers the $2.00 increase to those who are on limited duty or are on invesigation at the 311 center. Why? They don’t deserve the increase when they are not actaully on the street working. They are living the life of being off the street making the same pay and answering phones and out of harms way. What kind of punishment is that? What is this world coming to? I’m sure tax payers don’t know this whole story. It’s a shame.

  2. CCD,
    Thanks. I can remember Mayor Daley talking this guy up when he hired him. His FBI past was supposed to be useful in bringing the CPD under control. Instead, he is acting like the CPD crooks that he was supposed to clean up.

  3. It sounds like CPD is acting too much like the Catholic Church these days. Hiding their out of control police officers sounds like the Church hiding their sex offenders from the public. The judge was correct to put the hammer down on Weis and he should not give him any leeway. Maybe Mayor Daley should have a talk with his police chief, but I am not holding my breath that it will happen.

  4. I’ve been before Judge Gettleman, he’s considered a great judge. I believe it was mentioned in the local paper that he threatened to fine Weis personally and not just the city. The city doesn’t seem to mind bleeding money for these police abuse cases. I’m not sure Chief Weis’s pockets are as deep as the Mayor’s.

  5. Buddha,
    A good thought, but don’t you think your comments need a little more passion?

  6. Morale is such an importance as to be taken as a priority over that thing you’re sworn to uphold and protect, what’s that again, oh yeah, THE LAW.

    You, Mr. Weiss, are a jackass jackbooted thug.

  7. While he has no legal justification Mr. Weiss is hesitant because those lists becoming public would provide evidence of the CPD’s protection of out of control officers. This would be true if lists were released by any major City’s PD. This covering up is symptomatic of why PO’s feel they can abuse citizen’s with no repercussions. Transparency every where would expose those PO’s who are abusive. PO’s with a few complaints over years of work most probably would have to be given the benefit of doubt. Someone with 65 complaints should be investigated because something is going wrong with at least that officer’s communications skills.

  8. Mr. Weis is wrong as a matter of law and a matter of fact. The law is clear and he should be sanctioned immediately. Evidently it’s not turtles all the way down in the US, it’s dictators. The sooner dictators, petty to the most powerful, realize we have a govt. of laws, the better off for us all. The court should send that message loud and clear.

    Moral is not boosted by allowing unlawful, destructive behavior. That is ridiculous and counterfactual. Allowing this makes the dept. unstable and the public distrust the police.

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