Ticket Magnet: Chicago Resident Gets 24 Out of 24 Tickets Dismissed After Alleging Personal Vendetta by Officer

800px-2009-02-26_red_hummer_with_parking_citationMark Geinosky feels like a hunted man. He has been given 24 tickets since October 2007. Thirteen tickets were written by the same officer in a five-month span of time, who only wrote tickets from that book for Geinosky.

He has now had all 24 tickets dismissed and has been informed that the officer is being investigated.

Notably, all of 13 of the tickets written by the same officer were sequential in number. That means that from May to October, the officer wrote tickets exclusively to Geinosky.

The last ticket to be dismissed was issued in December for Toyota Highlander that Gienosky sold months earlier.

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12 thoughts on “Ticket Magnet: Chicago Resident Gets 24 Out of 24 Tickets Dismissed After Alleging Personal Vendetta by Officer”

  1. Thank you for the detailed description Mespo! I will follow it to a tee.

  2. Need Advice:

    You would normally start with your own personal lawyer if you have one, and ask her to recommend an attorney who does plaintiff’s civil rights or torts work. If you don’t have an attorney (you should get one by the way), you should contact your State Bar Association or the Lawyer’s Referral Service in your area. Both phone numbers should be available on-line or in your phone book. Last but not least, I would suggest talking with family and friends about experiences they have had with attorneys and see if they could make a recommendation. The yellow pages are ok, but just because they have an ad (Disclaimer: I have one as well) doesn’t make them suceesful or smart or anything else besides possessing enogh sheckles to pay for the ad. I also suggest talking to friends who may work at the courthouse like bailiffs, clerks, or security people. They see them every day and know their reputations and character too.

    Talk to at least two recommended attorneys and see if they can relate to you on an individual level without a lot of legal jargon that you won’t understand. Also, find out by asking about their background and experience with this type of complicated case. Check out their website and see what kind of other work they do, who does it, and their track record. Don’t be fooled by “Best Lawyer in America,” or other lawyer sponsored “superlative services” out there. For a few bucks or references from your lawyer friends anybody can get that. Martindale-Hubble is ok but again its buddies helping buddies get clients.

    I might also contact my local law school (if one is nearby), and ask one of the appropriate law professors (try one teaching torts, civil rights, constitutional law, or the like) about your case and see if they could recommend a former student of theirs to help you.

    Once you’ve made your selection get a written fee agreement with an explanation as to how costs are to be paid, and under what circumstances will you be responsible for them. Lastly, sleep on the decision, make it, and don’t look back or get discouraged by the process. Thinks usually (Disclaimer: But not always) work out if someone takes your case.

  3. How would someone look for a good civil lawyer in a case like this?

  4. It sure doesn’t help to have a RED car! Red cars are ticket magnets in the first place, but to have a pigger with a vandetts sucks. That pigger needs to be fired along with that Jody Weis idiot. Maybe the rest of Daley’s gang of thugs might get with the program.

  5. That particular cop needs to be fired. This behavior is disturbing for a couple of reasons IMO, an anal-retentive, OCD personality with a gun and operating under the color of law is loose in the streets which seems to me to be a prescription for eventual disaster. Also, the Chicago PD seems to be OK with that, which makes me wonder what else a Chicago cop can get away with? Does Mark Geinosky have no access to lawyers? I’d sure be shopping around for a good civil lawyer if I were Mr. Geinosky 😉

  6. Buddha and Mespo,
    You are probably right, but it still gets to me that people actually do this kind of activity for money or sport. Either way it is a sick process.

  7. Buddha:

    “Just a thought.”

    And a good one,I might add.

  8. raff,

    Consider this RE: Trolls

    Over the time I’ve been here, they have escalated – from crude raw numbers attacks to more sophisticated like our recent Tommy Jefferson, been eviscerated (not just by me, I cannot take that credit, this is a truly fearsome den of troll killers), run off, and/or reduced to spam as their only remaining artifice. In that time, we’ve had one genuine crazy person (posing as several) and one genuine convert (and see what mespo said about that on http://jonathanturley.org/2009/03/04/dcs-speed-bump-the-constitution/#comment-42373 ). All in less than a year.

    I find the spam a good sign.

    They could not breach the walls, so they circle the fort now, hooting but ineffective against our superior position and firepower. They will probably attack again as the time of reckoning for their fascist pinup dolls grows near, but the end result will be the same.

    And when the GOP goes the way of the Whig, or the social feces hits the rotating oscillator of uncontrolled greed – whichever comes first, they’ll whither and die or go to work for new masters.

    But reduction to spam, an exposed loon and a genuine good contributor waking up is in my book a form of victory. Not total victory to be sure, but victory nonetheless.

    Just a thought.

  9. I am getting really tired at the trolls with their nonsensical and repetitive postings. It sounds like this police officer may be one of the officers that are on the list that the police superintendent won’t disclose to the court. This officer should be fired without hesitation. He is a danger to the citizens that he is paid to protect.

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