Professors Smith and Wessen: South Carolina Student Arrested After Discharging Gun in Class

m_image11fd101b4ff9388fad070e9979South Carolina police have arrested a 18-year-old student of York Technical College after his gun discharged in a classroom. The case of Jeremy Moffett will likely be cited by those opposing calls for allowing students and faculty to carry guns on campus after the shootings at Virginia Tech.

Police report that Moffett’s .40-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun fell from his pocket and discharged during class — an accident that could have easily wounded or kill a student or teacher.

However, some media reports state that Moffett changed his story to say that he was actually holding the gun and accidentally pulled the trigger.

He has been charged with carrying a weapon on school property, carrying a pistol unlawfully and discharging a firearm within city limits.

Oh yea, he also has been suspended from school.

The story might be cited by supporters ofProfessor Paula Anderson of Central Connecticut States University who called police on her student John Wahlberg after he spoke in class in favor of arming students and teachers.

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26 thoughts on “Professors Smith and Wessen: South Carolina Student Arrested After Discharging Gun in Class”

  1. Why does this moron need support and prayers?

    First of all he broke the law by carrying a gun without a permit. Then he had the guts to bring it on a college campus. There are just some things that one should know better than to do, especially when it comes to guns.

    And you two folks who claim to be Jeremy’s friends should learn how to write a little better. Run-on sentences really irritate me, as does the shortening of “you” to “u”. Please, get yourselves in an English class as soon as possible!!

  2. this “Bone head” is my close and very personal friend. He is by far one of the smartest people i know. and would never purposely harm anyone. You don’t know the whole story, and either does the news. They are dragging every thing out and blowing up shit more than it is. Don’t go running your mouths if you haven’t talked to him, or his family like me and my friend has. you wouldn’t want people talking about your friend or family member if they didn’t know the whole story. so why don’t u do us all a favor and keep your opinions to yourself.

    I love you Jeremy Moffett and ill be by your side through this whole thing.

  3. All of you running your mouth about Jeremy being “stupid” or a “bonehead” need to stop in their tracks before judging someone you don’t even know.

    unless you have talked to him or his family personally like I have, then you don’t know the whole story and have NO room to talk. It all adds up, he isn’t a “moron” he is one of the sweetest nicest funniest guys I’ve ever met who just got caught in the middle of an unfortunate situation.

    If anything, keep him and his family in your prayers because they need all the love and support they can get right now, not judgement from complete strangers.

  4. Bron,
    I don’t believe the bill would force doctors to perform abortions, nor force hospitals to do likewise. It is more directed at instances like the one in Illinois about 6 months ago when a pharmacist refused to fill a woman’s birth control prescription on religious grounds and then tore it up rather than give it back to her. People in general shouldn’t be forced to do things that go against their religious convictions, but there are so many instances when that might be acceptable I would name them all but I have to make dinner now for my wife. Let me just give you one that JT posted a few months ago. In an E Room at a hospital in India a woman bled to death because the hospitals Doctors wouldn’t touch her due to he being an “untouchable.” That was their deeply held religious belief, do you think it wa fair, or moral.

  5. Sally,
    Didn’t realize your age so my choices would be hard for you to understand, even though you know Reagan was president, you were eight when he left office. Let me just give you a brief fill-in:

    Ron Reagan: Movie actor with failing career marries daughter of a rich, very right-wing Doctor. Reagan goes from being a liberal to being a conservative. Get TV show sponsored by GE, who bankroll his political career.

    George Murphy: B movie song and dance man. Made money in real estate. Career sagged, elected Sen. from Cal. Known for dozing off in the Senate.

    Sonny Bono: Became famous singing with wife share. He was a good businessman and handled their money while she had talent.
    Divorced by Cher for adultery. Career flopped, moved to Palm Springs and ran for Congress.

    John Wayne: college football player who became movie superstar, avoided serving in WWII but made war movies showing what a hero he was. Bankrolled Republican causes. Nixon supporter who made propaganda films supporting the viet Nam war.

    Bob Hope: Famous comedian on movies and TV. Known for putting on USO shows in war zones. Made fortunes in oranges and real estate. Friend of Republican Presidents and outspoken supporter of Republican causes.

    Charlton Heston: Mediocre movie actor, who made name in blockbuster hits. Made fortune in real estate. Became head of NRA and backer of Republican causes.

    I gave that background, not to patronize you, but with the understanding that because of your age there are parts of history not really taught in school. My youngest daughter is your age, I think she’s pretty smart but I bet she doesn’t know about those men either. So much to learn in life for all of us that we have to pick and choose the subject. An old fart like me gets to know these things just because I was alive and not because I’m any smarter.

    I made that point though because all of those men were Conservative Republicans. The right likes to accuse celebrities and Hollywood of all being liberal Democrats and its’ not true.

    Your point though that people shouldn’t make their political choices based on celebrity opinion is a good one that I agree with. I think we all should make our political choices based on informing ourselves on the issues, rather than what a celebrity, entertainer or politician has to say.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on Moore. I think he makes fascinating documentary’s that are clearly advocacy pieces rather than balanced and objective. That he seems a bit of a jerk on a personal to some is apparent and understandable. My experience has been that many people driven by their outrage do seem annoying. To me though his work has been spellbinding, especially his latest Sicko.

  6. Mike S…I don’t recall any of those other celebrities getting into politics, because when they were, I was too young to care, possibly not even born. (I’m only 26)

    The only one I do remember is Arnold becoming Governor of California. And I really don’t know what I think about that one.

    What I meant by saying “I really hate it when celebrities get into politics” is when people take what their favorite celebrity (I’m talking Hollywood celebrities) says as the gospel truth. Especially around election time. I don’t really see the value of their opinion over someone else’s.

  7. MikeS:

    thanks for the link. More information is necessary.

    But my question remains in a general term can the federal government force an individual to do something that is legal but against his/her ethical or professional jusgement?

  8. Mike and Sally,

    I don’t particularly care for Moore’s films from an aesthetic point of view, I also think he engages in some cheap and intellectually lazy tactics to ‘prove’ his points.

    That being said, he in no way should be grouped in with actors\entertainers getting involved in politics. He’s in the same boat as Mr. Limbaugh, John Stewart, etc. He’s famous for being outspoken about politics.

  9. Bron,
    Here is a link to the story and it seems that Boxer’s & Nadler’s intent is not to force Doctor’s and or Catholic Hospitals to perform abortion, but is being painted that way because of overall opposition to the bill called the Freedom of Choice Act. The more important focus of the bill is to prevent health care workers from denying birth control (i.e. Pharmacists, etc.). There seems to be a deliberate misreading on the part of anti-Abortion people to obfuscate the issue, but even more importantly is the fact that the anti-abortion movement is an anti-contraception movement, which gives lie to their feeling about babies. I have always believed the movement is a disguise for misogyny and intent on punishing women for having sex outside of marriage.

    You and I disagree about Michael Moore. I believe he is a patriot and has done great service for his country.

    “I really hate it when celebrities get into politics.”

    Did you feel this way about Ronald Reagan, Sen. George Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sonny Bono, John Wayne, Bob Hope and Charlton Heston? Or is it about whose ox is getting gored?

  10. Please folks, remind me to sign in. I keep forgetting. But you know, when I go to that gravatar website, it says I’m signed in.


  11. I think Alec Baldwin should just stick to 30 Rock. 🙂

    I really hate it when celebrities get into politics.

    And I absolutely despise Michael Moore. He can move his fat ass out of America for all I care. He’s part of the problem

  12. I reread my post and to clarify, the proposal would require doctors who do not believe in abortion to perform them if a patient requested one.

  13. MikeS:

    I think right now it has been proposed by Sen. Boxer and a congressman from New York, I cant remember his name but you would know him if I could.

    Your gray area is indeed not a very good scenario.

  14. I’ve always felt that 5% of all humanity is certifiably insane.
    I’ve come to believe that 10% are just stupid and the other 10% are not stupid but susceptible to making illogical choices. This guy fits somewhere into that 25% of all humanity.

    Don’t believe all you hear on the radio especially if it’s
    said to be news. However, if you follow my thoughts above then,there are about 133 people in both houses of congress capable of proposing this. It will never happen and I doubt it has even been proposed. I am as you know strongly pro-choice but I would be against such legislation.

    There is a gray area though. For many years pregnant couples would avoid certain Catholic Hospitals that believed if it was a choice of saving the mother’s or the child’s life, they would save the child with no option given to the parents. If I had been put in that situation and my wife was left to die, the deciding doctor would have found himself with a broken nose, some ribs and a whole bunch of broken fingers.

  15. This guy is a bonehead. Not only was he illegally carrying, but he was carrying the gun in his POCKET (!?!) instead of a holster. An accident waiting to happen, and it’s very fortunate no one was hurt.

    But I’m not sure how this story would justify the actions of Paula Anderson — who apparently called the police on a student for merely delivering a speech proposing that students be allowed to carry guns on campus.

    Now perhaps this South Carolina incident suggests that the student’s proposal isn’t a good one. That’s certainly a debatable point, anyway. But the problem with Prof. Anderson is that she (evidently) didn’t bother offering or promoting an alternative viewpoint. She didn’t bother with debate at all. She just called the cops.

    Isn’t that precisely the evil that the First Amendment was designed to prevent?

  16. this is totaly off topic but it is, I think interesting. I heard on the radio today that there is a proposal in congress to make abortions required, i.e. a doctor must perform one no matter what his religous or ethical beliefs. The Catholic Bishops are supposedly meeting to determine if they will close down 650 Catholic Hospitals rather than perform abortions if this proposal becomes law.

    Does this enter into the area of religion or is there some other area of law that would control this matter?

    Personaly I dont think it has anything to do with religion I think it attacks a fundamental right, namely the right to perform your chosen profession as you see fit within the guidelines set by developed standards in your area of knowledge. As an engineer I would resent any government agency telling me to do something that I was against either because it violated my conciencence or the standard of care I take in perfoming my professional duties.

    Most probably the Catholic Hospitals take Medicare/Medicaid patients which is paid for by the government(taxpayers). Can the government dictate standards of care for the entire hospital because they receive government funding?

    Can the government prevent the RCC from closing those hospitals if they determine that they need to based on their (RCC) ethical considerations?

    Where does a womans right to choose end and a doctors right to choose begin?

    full disclosure- I am personally against abortion after the first trimester but do not think it right for me to force my opinions on this type of thing on others. Nor do I believe the government has a right to force people to have abortions, which this could logically lead to in my opinion.

    Anyway a very contraversial subject on so many levels.

  17. Yet another great example of a person who screws things up for the rest of us law abiding gun owners.

    I cannot believe that he would carry a handgun without a permit. He obviously doesn’t know how to handle a gun, if it can fall that easily out of his pocket. Why wasn’t the safety on??

    what a moron

  18. See Larry? This guy actually committed a crime, not give a speech as assigned.

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