Sloth Found On Thomas Jefferson Law School

180px-bradypusWe previously posted a blog about prehistoric bones of a mammoth found at the new site of the Thomas Jefferson Law School. The ancient sloth may have been about been 10 to 12 feet long and 6 to 8 feet tall.

What is particularly amazing is that the ancient sloth found at the Thomas Jefferson Law School may be the Jefferson Ground’s Sloth named after President Thomas Jefferson.The law school is showing great restraint in saying on its website that it is not confirm that its namesake’s sloth has been found. As columnists often say, that is one fact too good to check.

I expect that the good faculty at the TJ Law School has held an appropriate candlelight service for the inspirational species for all law professors. It is comforting to know that law professors will be working above a lone and uninterrupted line of sloths extending back 600,000 years.

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