Sheriff Joe Arpaio Under Federal Investigation


    Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is under federal investigation for possible constitutional violations and discrimination. The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division is looking into whether his office is engaging in “patterns or practices of discriminatory police practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures.” Arpaio bills himself as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” though he may be the country’s most expensive sheriff. The people of the county will now have to pay from additional legal costs as Arpaio again defends himself against allegations of abuse. In the meantime, a recent report indicates that Arpaio is too busy to serve felony warrants in his county.

    Arpaio has long been criticized for pandering for media attention, often using inmates as props and backdrops for his self-marketing. Most recently, Arpaio was able to secure his own reality show with Fox called “Smile: You’re Under Arrest.”

    Strangely, in Fox’s story on Arpaio being the target of federal investigation, it does not mention the show.

    Arpaio portrays himself as a tough guy sheriff by implementing juvenile measures like making jail inmates eat green bologna sandwiches and wear pink underwear. Most recently, he has been chasing illegal immigrants. The problem is that there are about 59,000 outstanding, unserved felony warrants in the state. and the majority are in Maricopa County. So, America’s Toughest Sheriff has proven a felon’s best friend. While courting television producers and media in his crackdown on illegal immigrants, tens of thousands of felons are roaming the county because serving warrants appears a bit too mundane for Hollywood Joe Arpaio.

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40 thoughts on “Sheriff Joe Arpaio Under Federal Investigation”

    1. for years i have been trying to get these investigations, against joe arpaio, and the city of phoenix police dept, and tthe state of arizona, in 2003 i was in the hospital and ever since for the last 8 years now, i have been harassed, money missing perons found with vehicles, belonging to me, and some piece of shit claiming to be a trustee or payee that was taking at times reaching over $40,000 a day out of my bank accounts, city police and persons mandy lynn fuss anna marie anderson marcella, and phyllis kocherer shilling and others bill hull, and even bill gates are under investigations into this now, go figure, i am sleeping outside, because city of phoenix police officer threatened me on my property and admitted they had my keys to my home changed and no warrant or court orders nothing, the leasing compayny IRS had no comment, so i am suing them and whomever was found living in my penthouse…..these crooked politicians, and fraudulent people need to be in prison…NOW

  1. wouldn’t really say, the government we deserve, no one deserves joe, take a business partner, say joe was (key word was_) a business partner and he was robbing the bank on the business, you would fire him, put restraining injunctions keeping him out of the building etc….right……I WOULD….. and with government, it is like a big business, and well joe bankrupted the county which shows HE IS NOT A BUSINESS MAN, he is sadly destroying the ability for the community to stand up, or at least scaring the persons from standing up on the constitutional rights by federal law….and this is unacceptable…i have been at the bad end of his little attacks, and needless to say, or beneficially for my community, joe arpaio is losing, he is not above the federal constitution and i don’t care who he knows, or who he thinks he is, he is GOING DOWN…….

  2. “the worst part of joe arpaio, being elected, the community let him get away with the crap, but there are guidlines, WE THE PEOPLE, are the ones to control his destiny,”


    Generally speaking, you get the government you deserve not the one you want.

  3. the worst part of joe arpaio, being elected, the community let him get away with the crap, but there are guidlines, WE THE PEOPLE, are the ones to control his destiny, besides, when he is out of office, he will be charged as civilian for the civil constitutional and human rights violations……and we won’t be paying for his representations……….tax break, get rid of joe…..

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  5. _________________________________


    Disturbance breaks out at Arpaio immigration protest
    By Jacques Billeaud
    The Associated Press
    Tucson, Arizona | Published: 01.16.2010

    PHOENIX — A disturbance broke out Saturday afternoon during a protest of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration policies when a group of marchers allegedly threw water bottles and other items at police officers.

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  6. “Still, Arpaio remains hugely popular. He was easily elected to a fifth term in 2008.”

    And, sadly, he’ll probably see a sixth term.

  7. Quote:

    Arpaio is target of US probe, says Maricopa official

    By Jacques Billeaud
    The Associated Press
    Tucson, Arizona | Published: 01.09.2010

    PHOENIX — The self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff in America” and his office are the subject of a federal investigation focused on allegations that they blatantly abused their power, including trying to intimidate county workers by showing up at their homes at night to ask them about budget items, a county official said.
    A grand jury is apparently investigating the allegations leveled by county officials against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose aggressive anti-immigration tactics have made him a nationally known law enforcement figure in recent years.

  8. Real American,
    I feel your pain, but would prefer Joe spending time in the prison of his own devising. I like punishments that hoist the guilty on their own petards.

  9. According to the Arizona Republic and the Phoenix Business Journal there are unsubstantiated reports the FBI have now started questioning officials about Arpaio and the Tent City. The FBI naturally declined comment.

  10. Upon further reflection, perhaps the Gestapo is a better analogy. Not much better, but more accurate as a tactical comparison.

  11. Mike,

    I have to agree. After reading the latest developments in this story, it occurred to me that if you put the SS in place of Arpaio’s boys and paper records in place of computer records that this story could have been written in Germany circa 1937. And sadly enough, that is a 100% hyperbole free statement.

  12. Buddha,
    When people discuss if the “brown shirts” are here the answer is good ole Joe and his boys. It’s not brass cojones, it’s the tactics of a Fascist thug.

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