Time Will Tell: Secret Civil War Message Found In Abraham Lincoln’s Pocket Watch

1_61_a320As a history nut, this story is simply too good to be true. For decades, there has been a rumor that the pocket watch of Abraham Lincoln contained a secret message from the Civil War. The National Museum of American History finally decided to check the story out and carefully opened the back of the watch. The story proved to be true.

Squeezed between the gears and screws, the following inscription was found: “Jonathan Dillon April 13 – 1861. Fort Sumpter (sic) was attacked by the rebels on the above date. Thank God we have a government.”

The inscription was made by Jonathan Dillon, a watchmaker on Pennsylvania Avenue, who was working on Lincoln’s watch when he heard the first shots of the Civil War had been fired in South Carolina. Dillon’s family passed down the story until it appeared in an New York Times article in 1906.

Dillon’s great-great grandson, Doug Stiles, brought the story to the attention of the museum and the watch was opened by watchmaker George Thomas.

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  13. Why Is Wishing Obama Anything but Success Considered Close to Treason?

    Rush Limbaugh started a firestorm in January when he told FOX News Channel’s Sean Hannity he wanted Barack Obama’s socialist policies to fail.

    Months later, it was revealed that an August 2006 Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll found 51 percent of Democrats hoping that then-President George W. Bush would not succeed.

    One has to wonder whether such numbers should be at all shocking.

    It is an indisputable, historical fact that many Colonists did not support independence from England, and were hoping with all their heart and all their soul that President George Washington would fail.

    Less than a century later, likely half the nation hoped President Abraham Lincoln didn’t succeed in defeating the Confederacy.
    The argument today is that wishing ill upon President Obama is unpatriotic because of the fragile condition of our economy — but it is a metaphysical certitude that Washington and Lincoln presided over a much weaker nation than what we are facing in 2009.

    What makes President Obama so special that wishing him anything but success is almost an act of treason?

    Some might argue that Limbaugh’s statements are unacceptable due to his high-profile position, and that he must be more guarded with his opinions as a result.

    But doesn’t that run quite counter to the First Amendment? After all, Limbaugh is a conservative commentator who gets paid a sizable sum to express his views.

    This suggests something else entirely.

    As former General Electric CEO Jack Welsh said on Monday, if you say anything bad about our current president, “all of a sudden you’re a pariah!”

    This can’t possibly be due to current economic conditions for it seems certain John McCain would not be similarly protected from criticism if he had won in November.

    Sadly, this means the likely culprit is race and that Attorney General Eric Holder was right when he called us a nation of cowards just not for the reasons he believes.

  14. You mean he forgot to engrave the word, “Not” don’t you? That should be a valuable watch, like when the mint makes a misprint on the money. ;

  15. I have it on good authority that Nixon’s watchmaker, who made the repair on November 18, 1973 after Nixon’s famous press conference,wrote, “Yes, he is most certainly a crook!”

  16. I bet Nixon has a watch in his coffin that says: “You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore”! This is a really wonderful, interesting story!!!

  17. This is a great story indeed. I heard the radio broadcast of the “opening” when Jonathan Dillon’s ancestor, Mr. Stiles, was given the honor of reading the inscription to the assemblage. If I might echo Mr. Dillon in the present, “Thank God we have a government (again).”

  18. What a story! Geraldo missed the boat on this one! I guess he realized his career couldn’t withstand another non-story.

    It’s historical graffiti, I guess. He likely realized that the watch would one day become a collector’s item and made his mark.

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