Iraqi Journalist Gets Three Years For Throwing Shoes At Former President Bush


Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at former President George W. Bush, has been sentenced to three years in prison — sixteen months per shoe. The decision has already produced protests in Iraq where the vast majority of citizens view him as a hero for his act.

Al-Zeidi claimed a type of private necessity in claiming his innocence, explaining that p”what I did was a natural response to the occupation.” When he was hit with the lengthy sentence, al-Zeidi reportedly shouted “long live Iraq.”

This was actually the minimum sentence for the assault charge — a far shot from the 15 years in prison that he could have received.

He has now inspired not just a fashion craze but copycats who have thrown shoes at both the Chinese and Iranian leaders.

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34 thoughts on “Iraqi Journalist Gets Three Years For Throwing Shoes At Former President Bush”

  1. More mumbo jumbo.

    Again, Is Obama a war criminal? W is.

    There is no comparison in the eyes of Zaidi and THAT is the point. Your perspective is meaningless in this scope.

    What would your idea of “justice” be for Zaidi? Is Three years enough for his “attack” with a shoe (and as I have previously stated, I have been hit with a shoe so many times I cannot count). How does the torture he has received thus far play in to it?

    How about 50 years, just because W could make claim to being the POTUS? Would that be “justice” enough for you?

    There is still a moral issue here that you, as a soldier that served in an illegally invading force, seems to NOT be able to grasp. I don’t know where you are from, but way down here in TN, we would probably be much more vicious as “insurgents” if the shoe (sorry for the pun) were on the other foot. Would I have the guts that Zaidi had? Would you?

    You want justice? Then help make sure that W is prosecuted for his crimes and then line up at the firing squad to contribute your skill set.

    I will give you some credit then.

    As for holding respect for the “position”: Do you think Zaidi was throwing the shoe at the position or the idiot who was instrumental in killing all his friends and family?

    Why do you think that Canada is even debating bringing charges against him, if he weren’t a worthless, torturing POS?

    And I have not glossed over anything. Surely there is a penalty for throwing a shoe at a head of state (and maybe anyone else). Should it be for three years after being tortured?

    Is THAT your sense of “justice”?

    W deserves nothing but scorn and total disdain. No respect for him. No respect for his cabal. No respect for those who defend their indefensible actions and deeds. He made respect for the position moot, when he, as a sickening war criminal, did what he did in our name.

    I hold immensely more respect for Zaidi than I do W. Any day. All day.

    He’s a hero to me.

  2. I am emphasizing civil justice not ultimate justice. Civil justice is upheld by us. Ultimate justice is carried out by God. I have already said once that I am not defending anyone. And I am equating Bush with Obama in the sense that they have both held the highest position in our country. The position should be honored and that is what I’m referring to. If a country allows a person to assault the President of the US, then what happens when someone doesn’t agree with President Obama? If we gloss over the assault of a President that is not liked, then who will prevent the assault of a President that is liked?

  3. If Obama illegally invades and causes the death of so many hundreds of thousands, then as I said before, you have no sense of justice. Do you really think 3 years for throwing a shoe is “justice”?


    Stop equating that asswipe to Obama. Its a Strawman. And you know it. Even though I think Obama is little better than W.

    I thank you for your service, but they sent you for bullshit reasons and I would rather you have stayed here. I hope you don’t have to go back because the place you went and the reason you were sent were not noble nor necessary.

    I hope you didn’t go because you fell for the lies, as so many others did. That would mean you were used. To me, I would be pissed and sure as hell wouldn’t even remotely defend the lying assholes that sent me.

    (And yes, I served, but am much older than you, apparently)

    Good day.

  4. BuelahMan,

    I fought in Iraq and I saw many good things that we did there. I’m sorry you have chalked it up to nothing but evil. I am not defending anyone. “Attacking” a foreign leader demands some form of justice or everybody would do it. Should I throw shoes at President Obama because I don’t agree with some of his policies…no.

  5. bimbo,


    Drive-by insults, cheesy bumper stickers, and Rush Limbaugh sound bites are probably the only interaction many of these commenters have with conservative thought. If you demand respect for the President when he is a republican, the least you can do is honor the current one.

  6. Clint has a very strange sense of what “justice” means.

    The way Obama is still sending unmanned drones to illegally attack other countries, I would give the shoe thrower from that country the same support.

    Perceiving as “good or bad” is not the issue. Understanding that we had a so-called leader who intentionally lied and fixed facts to lead us into an illegal invasion and occupation and that this constitutes war crimes is far different than “perceiving” if one is good or bad.

    Stop defending the assholes, Sheople. Have you no sense of decency or compassion for those that we have ravaged? Have you no sense of shame for what has been done in your name?

  7. I wonder if people would cry for mercy if a man threw shoes at President Obama. Justice is justice whether a president is perceived as a good one or a bad one.

  8. Muntadhar al-Zeidi is a hero.

    Bush is LUCKY that shoes were the only objects headed his way.

  9. Bush missed his last opportunity to be a stand up guy. He should have asked the Iraqi government to pardon the guy.

  10. oops…meant to say three years, not a year. even one year would seem to much. i do not condone assault in any form, even though i loathe bush. punishment is necessary but this i cruel and unusual. guess iraq has not adopted that standard yet…

  11. a year seems incredibly stiff for assault. he certainly never threatened the president’s life. absurd.

  12. And George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzalez, John Ashcroft, John Yoo, David Addington, and many more remain — war criminals all — remain free.



  14. He should have gotten 10 years for attacking a foreign head of state.

    The only reason he didn’t is because of the generosity of the new Democratic Iraqi government.

    Saddam would have had him strung up by his neck and strangled slowly and his wife & children removed from their homes and thrown into the street to beg for food and shelter.

    I am ashamed of those that think this man some type of hero, because he is not.

  15. In this country what would he have gotten if he threw his shoe at a speaker at a college lecture for instance? Is it a case of attempted asolelt?

  16. I wonder if the time given was because he missed.

    As I wrote at my blog, a turd would have been much more offensive (and apt). Hell, my mother threw thousands of shoes at me as a child (I was fast) and I was never offended.

  17. Maybe this is what he was thinking:

    ” I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”
    – Mahatma Gandhi

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