Florida Senator Raises Alarm Over Animal Husbandry

s039When I worked as the constitutional consultant for the Florida House of Representatives, I was told a story about a certain Senator who threatened to call “General Revenue” as a witness after being told that “general revenue will not allow this appropriation.” Now, Senator Larcenia Bullard (D.-Miami) has topped that story by expressing alarm that women were marrying animals when “animal husbandry” was raised in legislation.

This irreplaceable moment came during a debate to outlaw bestiality in Florida, which appears to be perfectly legal at the current time. When an exception for animal husbandry was raised, State Senator Bullard was alarmed: “People are taking these animals as their husbands? What’s husbandry?”

Senate Chair Charlie Dean explained it refers to rearing and caring of animals, but that did not seem to help. Bullard responded by referring to the recent case of the women’s chimpanzee going nuts and being put down: “So that maybe have been the reason the lady was so upset about that monkey?”

Dean simply responded dryly: “I’m not familiar with that particular incident or case.”

Personally, my wife would see little difference between marrying a sloth on weekends excepts that a sloth eats less and doesn’t hog the clicker.

What is most striking is that Florida legislator would still presumably allow such marriages so long as the human and animal are different genders.

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46 thoughts on “Florida Senator Raises Alarm Over Animal Husbandry”

  1. Well Jethro your second cousin once removed by death and then she cometh back has made it big, real big now. She’s one of them Senatordors. Down yonder in the swap lands, I do tell.

    Yes, Jethro, if you apply yourself again and get all of that skoollin like cousin Larcenia done, done, you too can do waht she has done.

    Well heck Jethro, you see what your other cousin W done done. Least you finish 6th grade twice. So boy I figured you got 12 years of skoollin behind you. You know son grannie’s proud of you.

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  3. “I always wonder what the traditional, white, intelligent, upstanding members of state senates think…”

    I actually worked as a committee staff attorney for the Florida House at the same time JT was a consultant for us, and could tell you plenty of things about Charlie Dean that might have you reconsidering such a generous, absurd, and entirely unjustified characterization. It was an experience that I’ll always be grateful for, but while there are a handful of legislators who are flat-out geniuses, most of them, to be VERY kind, not.

  4. James,

    I enjoy a good non sequitur as much as the next man, but how does anyone get from Affirmative action to Socialism?

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