Twit: “Juror Jonathan” Throws Verdict Into Doubt With Improper Tweets

200px-twitterRussell Wright and his company, Stoam Holdings has a novel ground to challenge the $12.6 million verdict against them. They have given the court proof that a juror posted messages on that show bias. The allegedly incriminating eight “tweets” of juror Johnathan Powell were sent to a micro-blogging Web site via his cellular phone.

The tweeter describes himself as Juror Jonathan and says things like “I just gave away TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS of somebody else’s money.”

Another tweet read: “oh and nobody buy Stoam. Its bad mojo and they’ll probably cease to Exist, now that their wallet is 12m lighter.”

Juror Jonathan could make Mark Deihl and William Nystrom go through another trial to challenge the claims that the building material called Stoam combines the insulation qualities of foam with the strength of steel.

In the meantime, Powell, 29, says that he tried to see the judge but was sent away. It appears that the judge does not have Twitter.

Twitter is now becoming quite the vehicle for controversy, here.

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