Don’t Mess With Texican English: Texas Police Arrested New Yorker For Potty Mouth

nicubunu_open_mouthHouston police and prosecutors are arresting people for potty-mouths. The Texans were shocked when New Yorker Abraham Urquizo, 35, used the “F-word” twice while arguing with his girlfriend at Salsa’s Mexican and Seafood Restaurant. They are clearly unaware that the word can be used as an adjective, noun, verb, adverb, participle, and a gerund in New York.

The crackdown on bad language would seem unconstitutional on its face under the first amendment. This is the second such arrest in eight months — citing them for disorderly conduct.

Texas makes it a crime to use abusive, indecent, profane or vulgar language in a public place, which causes an “immediate breach of peace,” meets the definition of disorderly conduct.

Urquizo was overheard by a Galveston police officer telling his girlfriend “I can’t believe you’re so (expletive deleted) stupid” and “what the (expletive deleted) were you thinking.” He clearly misunderstood that such phrases in New York can be actual terms of endearment.

Texas, however, has its own homegrown vulgarians. Kristi Fridge, 28, was upset when she went to a store and found the battery shelf empty — letting out a exasperated comment to her mother that “They’re all (expletive deleted) gone!” Nearby was Capt. Alfred Decker, an assistant fire marshal and “certified peace officer,” who told her that “You need to watch your mouth.” When she told him that it was a private conversation, he promptly issue her a ticket for disorderly conduct.

The “F-word” was also a matter of contention among the judges of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit this week. A strongly worded dissent objects to the court decision against a worker who called a supervisor a “stupid f—ing moron.” For the majority and dissenting opinions in Media General Operations v. NLRB, click 081153p

The South Dakota Supreme Court recently upheld the right to be profane.

For the full story out of Texas, click here.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Texican English: Texas Police Arrested New Yorker For Potty Mouth”

  1. OK – folks the incident took place in GALVESTON, not Houston! At least get the story right!

  2. Its par for course in a place where the worst thing most folks ever did as a kid is perhaps a little cow tipping. Seriously. Very goody goody is the way most folks are in Texas from what I have seen. That is not an insult. Manners and and values should be held this high everywhere, but in New York, where kids are slinging crack and heroin, and throwing frozen Turkeys through car windows, f_ _ _ ing fuhgetaboutit!

  3. What happens if the person cited is or has a physical or mental problem, such as bi-polar or Tourettes? Has the officer or assistant Capt (Crunch?) ever used the offending word in public and can they produce witnesses to that effect?
    Sheeesh. Control freaks.

  4. It would be interesting to see a case where it is alleged that using profanity could induce panic to those so offended. I think it’s bullshit, but I’m sure that someone out there would try it…

  5. Let me paraphrase Lewis Black on this one:

    There is no such thing as bad langage. No, we are ADULTS, these are the words we use to express frustration, rage, anger – in order that we don’t pick up a tire iron and beat the shit out of something. What are you supposed to say?

    In honouring the first amendment, a sincere FU to these Houston police and prosecutors for abusing their power and arrowsing my anger.

  6. More police stupidity from Texas. sigh

    Cops thinking they are the language police isn’t a uniquely Texas phenomena. I once had an off-duty police officer of a KC suburb threaten me with arrest for giving him the finger and express instructions on how to go fornicate his drunk self. This was after he tried to pick up my now ex-wife in front of me despite her repeated rebuffs and the bouncer (who knew me and my background) trying to get him to stop. He was all guts and glory until I explained to him the nature of Free Speech and that he could go ahead and arrest me if he wanted a very short career in law enforcement. He was ready to try it too until his less drunk buddies physically dragged him out of the bar. Even that doesn’t rise to the level of stupidity here. This couple were engaged in a private discussion. It was none of the cops business what language they choose absent the permissible restrictions of inciting riot or panic.

    Cops are NOT special. They are like anyone. They get the respect they earn. It’s not due or owed as a matter of course. These clowns deserve no respect. You don’t like what someone says and they aren’t inciting riot or panic? Don’t listen. But abusing your badge because you don’t like someone’s private conversation is just what I’d expect from Texas. It’s just another example of the abuses of power that Texas seems to love so much.

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