Lawyer Reprimanded for Suing His Own Sister

roy-1Roy A. Raspanti, a lawyer in Louisiana, has been reprimanded by the Louisiana Supreme Court for suing his own sister, Janine Raspanti, for repeatedly filing complaints against him. The Disciplinary Board had recommended a three-month suspension.

The disciplinary board had recommended suspending him for three months with nine months’ suspension deferred.

Louisiana has a rule that lawyers cannot sue people for filing complaints, even when such filings are malicious.

Raspanti was trying to end his representation of his sister, who filed what the Board found were meritless complaints. She refused to pay the fees that he was charging her.

He sued her for defamation.

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  1. Kindly fact check the contents of this article with the Reconventional Demand at the Louisiana 24th Judicial District Court and correct article accordingly.

  2. I bet Thanksgiving is a both a hoot and a holler at the Raspanti homestead. “Mom? Could you pass the carving knife? I need to cut some of this tension.”

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