California Lawyer Charged With Murder

the-thomas-white-affair3162034519989304_bg2This goes into the good news, bad news category. San Francisco-based attorney David Replogle (right), 60, is no longer facing a forgery trial in Riverside, California. The bad news is that he is now facing a murder trial in the death of Clifford Lambert (left), a 74-year-old retired art dealer.

Lambert was a retiree living in Palm Springs when he was reported missing. Charged with first degree murder with Replogle was Kaushal Niroula, 27, Daniel Carlos Garcia, 26, and Russell Herbert Manning, who is an art dealer from San Francisco and remains a fugitive. They all face the death penalty. They were all allegedly involved in the fraudulent sale of the victim’s home and the alleged theft of money from his accounts and items from the residence.

Authorities say that they will also charge Miguel Adolfo DeLeon Bustamante, with first-degree murder and a burglary special circumstance.

The special circumstance is the financial gain by trying to empty Lambert’s bank accounts, loot paintings and other valuables from his house, steal his Mercedes sports car, and fraudulently sell Lambert’s $1 million home. Kaushal Niroula, (right) is reportedly the boyfriend of Replogle.kaushal

Replogle has a practice in San Francisco.

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