Two California Doctors Face Gross Negligence Charges in Cosmetic Surgeries, Including Allegations of Giving a Patient Unwanted Face Lift and Liposuction

thumb_doctorWe have yet another cosmetic surgery case out of California. In this case, two doctors, Dr. Harrell Edward Robinson of Anaheim Hills and Dr. Shir Miskinyar of Santa Ana, face charges of gross negligence and incompetence for botched cosmetic surgeries, including on where a woman who went in for a tummy tuck received a face lift and liposuction without her consent. With the recent case of a woman who is accused of stealing breast enhancements and liposuction, there seems a growing need for a Liposuction Law course.

Robinson faces not just the claim that he gave a patient the added surgeries without her consent, but borrowing money from her and forcibly kissing her.

The patient had given him $16,000 for the tummy tuck only to wake up and find that she had a face lift and liposuction work. She then loaned him $6000 and says that Robinson proceeded to call her almost daily for more money in loan. Remarkably, she relented and loaned him $9000 more. She also complained that he forcibly kissed her and she pushed him away saying “Shame on you. You have a wife.”

Robinson is also accused of botching a breast implant that left a woman with the implant visible through an open wound.

Miskinyar is accused of botching operations that left women with infections and the need to remove the implants.

Even if successful, unconsented to operations like the liposuction and face lift are actionable as battery. The most famous such case is Mohr v. Williams where a court found battery after a doctor decided to operate on a different ear than originally planned with the patient. He insisted that, once in the operating room, he found that the other ear was in worse shape.

These allegations could also raise criminal issues for prosecutors.

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