Acne Vulgaris: English Councils Install Pink Lighting to Highlight Acne To Chase Away Teen

pinklights_1190px-akne-jugendIn New Zealand, they are using Barry Manilow tunes to chase away loitering teenagers who flee at the first note of Copacabana. The English, however, have decided to use teenage acne to their advantage, installing pink lights that highlight teenage dermatological weaknesses and insecurities. The use of Acne vulgaris as a deterrent has prompted teen protests.

The Layton Burroughs Residents’ Association has taken the step to get rid of punks with pimples, though it is not clear what the association plans to do with dermatology gifted teens.

In the meantime, teen advocates are protesting the move as nothing short from apartheid.

Peta Halls, development officer for the National Youth Agency, said: “Anything that aims to embarrass people out of an area is not on. The pink lights are indiscriminate in that they will impact on all young people and older people who do not, perhaps, have perfect skin.”

Yet, those jack-booted, pink-lighted thugs of North Lincolnshire Council are unapologetic. Their spokesman stated “On the face of it this sounds barmy. But do young people really want to hang around in an area with a pink glow that makes any spots they have on their face stand out?” Barmy indeed. (For Americans, that is not a reference to Barney who would also look terrible under the lighting).

Notably, some have argued that with recent changes in the American Disability Act, severe acne may be covered by federal law. Would running off teens with acne issues violate the ADA as part of the new “regarded as” provision of the new ADA?

The question is now whether teens will use special lightening to accent the love handles or thighs of middle aged people. This could lead to a lighting arms race where our society becomes optically and dermatologically segregated.

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12 thoughts on “Acne Vulgaris: English Councils Install Pink Lighting to Highlight Acne To Chase Away Teen”

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  3. This is what it will take to make acne cool! Marie, that’s a good point. JT–the middle age light saber–it’s called daylight!

  4. What exactly are these teenagers doing that makes these bizarre measures necessary? Is there anything more to their so-called “anti-social” behavior than groups of kids hanging around and, maybe, talking?

  5. What?

    “I’d like to thank Gabby Johnson for that authentic display of frontier gibberish.”

  6. Hardly BIS. What would Buddha and Jesus do?

    “The anti-social behaviour was getting out of hand,… ”

    Some people never look in the mirror do they?

    The problem is that the old guy doesn’t realise how the troublemakers have been keeping his dementia at bay in all this time. Littler will he know.

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