Man Breaks 30 Bones in the Body of a 5-Month-Old Baby and Walks Away With Just Seven Years

mauricio_lopezf_baby_beating_arres_knsd4162_4mb-000000-1560234451Ok, even as a criminal defense attorney I do not get this one. Mauricio Lopez, 34, pleaded guilty to child abuse that resulted in his breaking 30 bones in a 5-month-old baby. For that horrific crime, Lopez will get just seven years.

Originally, the family insisted that the baby may have been responsible for the injuries and that investigators got the mother to lie.

He now admits that he beat the baby.

Unfortunately, Lopez has been procreating with five children by several different women while he has been out of jail — he has a 1995 carjacking conviction.

What does it take to get a serious sentence in El Cajon, California? This beating obviously could have killed the baby, but he is being sentenced as if he was nailed for tax evasion.

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24 thoughts on “Man Breaks 30 Bones in the Body of a 5-Month-Old Baby and Walks Away With Just Seven Years”

  1. I am the proud new father of baby Max. He is doing very well. He shows no signs of remembering the trauma. He has grown a lot since then and has 5 brothers and one sister now that love him very much.

    There is no way to make you understand how much we love Max and his love for us.

    I hope that Mauricio gets his paybacks one way or another for what he did to my son.

    Max will grow up hopefully never knowing his past.

    I would personally like to meet with Mauricio and return the pain he caused my son.

    Thank You Very much for putting up mauricio’s photo for all to see. Maybe word will get around.

    Thank you, Loving Father of Max The broken baby

  2. That heartless fool, Lopez, was probably a victim of child abuse himself.
    Violence, abuse. horrible cycles. truly heartbreaking.

  3. rafflaw (pseudo):

    Posing as our friend rafflaw does your argument no credit and cements in most of our minds, I think, that you are less than an intellectual scoundrel- you’re a fraud as well.

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