Home With The Shoemakers: Three Generations Jailed in Dog Incident

genthumbgenthumb-1Three generation of Shoemakers are in jail tonight in a fight over a dog. Police in Walkersville, Maryland were called to the home after a man said that his father Michael Shoemaker, 42, (left) and his 17 year old brother had broken into his house and stolen his dog.

The man also said that his father threatened to come back and burn down the house. Then the grandfather Robert Shoemaker, 66, appeared when police arrived and became disorderly with officers.

The teenager was charged with burglary and theft and Michael Shoemaker was charged with making a threat of arson. The grandfather was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Easter dinner could be a bit awkward this year.

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8 thoughts on “Home With The Shoemakers: Three Generations Jailed in Dog Incident”

  1. Mespo:

    most assuradly, after I watched the Secret of NIHM I became anti-lab rat as experimental beings.

  2. Bron98:

    “who says science isn’t fun?”


    Lab rats?

  3. Bron98:

    Well, the guy on the left must have also stolen a Van de Graaff generator.

  4. “Easter dinner could be a bit awkward this year.”

    Yes, because at least one side of the family won’t be serving hot dog cuisine.

    Hide them tender puppies Maybelle, them Hatfield’s is a’comin’ down yonder by the crick tuh fetch ’em up.

  5. Mespo:

    it was a bit of a stretch but I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, since I dont know them personally. One can never tell, the 2 older guys may have advanced degrees from Harvard in comparative literature. But they look more like PhD’s from MIT with electrical engineering degrees.

  6. Bron98:

    “Dogs are certainly loved by we humans.”


    Care to reconsider that statement in view of the perpetrators?

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