Stoned Crabbe: Actor Found Harry Potter Series Arrested for Pot Farm

snn0805b-280_776376a1Vincent Crabbe already had a poor reputation as a member of Sytherian House at Hogwarts and a thuggish sidetick to Draco Malfoy (with his equally vile friend Gregory Goyle). Now, he is heading to a muggle jail under his real name Jamie Waylett, 19, for allegedly maintaining a pot farm in his bedroom.

Police recently a tip and stopped the actor in his car — discovery eight bags of pot and later ten cannabis plants in his home (which he shares with his mother and three siblings).
He faces a significant sentence of 14 years for producing pot and five years for possession. Waylett was accused in 2006 of doing cocaine. This is precisely why Slytherin is given such a bad reputation.

Police are trying to locate a dose of Veritaserum for the interrogation before he is off to Escaban Prison.
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11 thoughts on “Stoned Crabbe: Actor Found Harry Potter Series Arrested for Pot Farm”

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  2. Syltherin*
    Police recently received*

    All of those in less than two paragraphs. Well done.

  3. This guy should learn to spell before he posts. Slytherian? Escaban?

    Can he not spell, or did he not read the books?

  4. Well when I was young I did not need a gun. I went to a fest and I just heard this man say over and over again, number 9, number 9. It was some place up-state New York. I think, I could not drive, but I think I could remember, I was there.

    It is kinda all hazy and we all got kinda lazy. But, if I recall I was there with some doll and all’s we did was have a ball.

    A dude by the name of country joe helped put on a great show. It was there I learned about long hair and soon I could not help but stair. We rolled a bone and never felt alone.

    Now I am older and much older than my children’s friends parents, some think that I am my own childs grandparent. But now I hear about a some station for a train at nine and 3/4’s.

    It takes me back to the daze where I remember purple haze.

    Oh god weren’t those the days. Before Nixon got a clue about we weren’t all sniffing glue.

    But we knew and so did they. It was not illegal then to smoke at the national mall at a sit in. Someone pointed out to them that be, that we were tokin and thats what we could do.

    They made it against the law to possess pot on american soil.

    The counter culture set in and I did not chip in. I found a way to smoke my hay and still be of use to my american pie.

    You gotta love those kids now days.

  5. Man-o-man, Turley knows way too much about Harry Potter. (Potter, heh heh)

  6. 14 years for cultivation & possession? 14 years?
    Obviously, like the US, the UK is more dedicated to the narrow interests of its prison industrial complex than the larger national interest.

  7. Will he raise the “Herbiology lesson” defense?
    Is Butterbeer a gateway drug?
    Maybe the sorting hat should have placed him in hufflepuff?

    Ok, I’ll stop now.

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