Oly Ivy: Texas Sheriff Arrested After Allegedly Tasering His Wife

oly_ivy_200Oly Yahnson Ivy, 30, the chief of police of Oakwood, Texas, has been arrested for aggravated assault in the use of his Taser on this wife. He was fired after only two months on the job.

An APB was sent out after the incident informing Texas peace officers that “wanted individual was a peace officer possibly in possession of a badge, police radio and weapon.”

The wife reportedly shows injuries associated with the use of a taser.

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3 thoughts on “Oly Ivy: Texas Sheriff Arrested After Allegedly Tasering His Wife”

  1. Hey now Taser(s), Tazar(s), Csar(s), Tczar(s), Texas Police, Texas Judge(s), Texas Criminal(s), Texas Attorney(s) have a proper role in all aspects of life.

    Even, W was good for some, heck, W found that its is easier to have retirements than to ever, ever work. Because if it were up to W alone he would never ever have a good retirement. He did in fact bankrupt 2 oil companies.

    Could you imagine thinking that most LEO’s Law Enforcement Officers are Republican. Not all, some do have sense.

  2. I think we need to put a special asterisk next to every story that comes across from Texas. This is just one more example why tasers are dangerous and should not be in the hands of anyone from Texas.

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