Prosecutors Jail Deadbeat Dad with 14 Kids With 13 Women

THOMAS FRAZIERThomas Frazier, 42, has a novel claim. If he is (as alleged) is the father of 14 children by 13 different women, he simply cannot afford half million dollars of unpaid child support.

Frazier was arrested in Iowa after being pulled over for a broken taillight in his Mercedes Benz. In addition to the Mercedes, he had $5,000 in his pocket and a plane ticket to Florida.

He was told to either pay a downpayment of $28,000 or 90 days in jail. Prosecutors are seeking more time for the other cases. His current bill is $530,000. This leave the state with the prospect of keeping him in jail when there is no chance that he can pay any child support. However, once out, he appears to have little hope or inclination to pay. By procreating wildly, he has created his own impossibility defense.

He is not without paternal skills, however. He left his kids the following advice: “Use a condom. You don’t want to end up like your dad.”

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4 thoughts on “Prosecutors Jail Deadbeat Dad with 14 Kids With 13 Women”

  1. sick and repulsive. not to mention if these women knew he had other kids by lots of other women, who would even get involved? unless of course it was all a bunch of one night stands. he cant afford the support, but could he afford condoms for less than $4 a pack? between the 14 of them or 15, him and the 14 mothers, none of them thought to use a condom? to protect against hiv? wtf? this is disgusting, nasty and people need to have more respect for themselves. we all get the urge to have sex, but damn, this is more like being animals. get an education, get God in your lives and have some responsibility for your self and your actions, not just him, the women too!

    married, african american/hispanic mixed, mother of 4, full time college student, totally disgusted by people like this!

  2. Let’s make a deal: forgive some of the child support in return for his having a vasectomy.

  3. There are two main factors that contribute to the lunacy of this situation. The first is the lack of good sexual education in this country, which in tandem with abstinence education’s eschewing of birth control (condom’s particularly)leads to unwanted pregnancy.

    The second is even more pernicious in that it is a mythology of sexuality among males that sees sex in terms of conquest and conquest in terms of affirmation of manhood, which is then seen as proof of worth. It reduces females to objects of desire existing for males gratification. Fathering a child is then seen as a further proof of “potency” (self worth).

    Sadly, men who act on these beliefs are not only lousy lovers, but they are incapable of really examining the pleasures of sexuality. Their conquests become the object of desire, while the beauty of sexuality lies in the sharing of intimacy. Male orgasm is seen as the measure of success and the exquisiteness of what is euphemistically referred to as “foreplay” is abjured or hurried.

    I think too, at the risk of opprobrium, that many African American males, having had a history of being cruelly denied the status of manhood by our Country’s overt racism, have had to psychologically seek out ways to try to raise their self esteem. Making babies was one way. Please note though that historically what goes with this is White society’s deliberate efforts to destroy African American families and
    infantalize African American males in the public consciousness.

  4. Wow, and to thing that people who get stoned only want to lay around. I am not as fertile as he appears to be. But then again it is against the law to castrate them in this country.

    14 kids, 13 women, Mercedes-Benz, 5k in Cash and a plane ticket to Florida. Oh my.

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