Rankings of Part-Time Law Programs: Georgetown and George Washington Take Top Honors

150px-gwulogo-1seal_original_200US News and World Report has issued the national rankings of part-time JD programs, giving first place to Georgetown and George Washington in the top two spots.

I teach in both the full-time and part-time program and have a particular love for the latter program. If I had my druthers, all students would take their law courses at the rate of the part-time program. It allows students to focus on courses in a way that is often sacrificed in the heavy course load of the day program. I also love our evening program because it contains older students who often have had prior careers in media, government, and business.

While I quibble with the No. 1 ranking for Georgetown, there is no question that the two schools have excellent programs. I do not want to be petty. So here it is: Congratulations Georgetown. There I said it.

Here are the top five schools:

1) Georgetown

2) George Washington

3) Fordham

4) American

5) George Mason

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21 thoughts on “Rankings of Part-Time Law Programs: Georgetown and George Washington Take Top Honors”

  1. I am wondering if you feel part-time students miss out on clinic opportunities and have a harder time both finding and starting a career in law. I am also wondering if Georgetown permits one to transfer from the part-time school to the full-time school and what you might think of making this change after finishing some portion of law school.

    Thanks in advance for any opinion one might offer.

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