Two Leading Lawyers Face Shoplifting Allegations in Two Separate Cases

guymon1This week involved not one but two leading lawyers nailed for shoplifting. In Wichita, Troy Ellis the former chief counsel at Invista was forced to resign after filmed allegedly stealing food from the company cafeteria. In the meantime, in Utah, former prosecutor Gary Guymon (left) was arrested for stealing a necklace from a jewelry shop at a resort.

Ellis was reportedly filmed loading up his tray eight times within five days without paying. For the ABA Journal report, click here.

Guymon, 46, was allegedly filmed on March 24th stealling a necklace (worth less than $300) from a mannequin at the Sundance Resort near Provo, Utah. He reportedly walked by and snatched the necklace from the front of the store.

Guymon was the former chief deputy district attorney who handled such cases as Margaret Rudin, also known as “The Black Widow.” He was reportedly forced out of the prosecution office when his name was raised in a public corruption trial involving former Clark County Commissioners Dario Herrera and Mary Kincaid-Chauncey. A strip club owner said that he paid for drinks, lap dances, and sex with strippers for Guymon – who allegedly took care of problems ranging from tickets to DUI charges.

Notably, he was nailed in part by simply looking at the postcard that he signed at the store. Note to self: when committing crimes, do not sign up for mailing lists from the victim.

Authorities identified Guymon in part through the postcards he signed with his name that he left at the store, said Sgt. Spencer Cannon with the Utah County sheriff’s office.

Guymon has been charged with a single misdemeanor theft count that carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Guymon now works for the public defender’s office in Clark County.

It has been a bad period for the bar with two other lawyers arrested for smuggling contraband into Illinois prison, here.

For the full story out of Utah, click here

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