Video: Police Officer Shown on Drunken Video Joking About Murder and Tasering Suspect — Later Assigned to His Own Investigation

default5Erie Police Chief Steve Franklin has a remarkably distorted view of good police work. After Erie Police officer James Cousins II, 40, in Pennsylvania was shown on a video joking about a murder and tasering someone in an unrelated case, Franklin said it was entirely appropriate to assign Cousins to participate in his own investigation and to find the person who posted his drunken boasting on the Internet.

The video below was posted on YouTube where Cousins uses a bar to talk about an on-going murder investigation and his fun with taserings. Cousins is shown mocking the death throes of an Erie homicide victim, Rondale Jennings Sr., and even mocking the victim’s grief-stricken mother.

Despite the obvious conflict of interest and invitation for abuse, Franklin thought is was a great idea to assign Cousins to his own investigation. Franklin picked James DeDionisio to investigate Cousins. Cousins then drove around with DeDionsio looking for the person who posted the video and caused so much trouble to Cousins and the department.

Cousins was even allowed to interview witnesses who would potentially testify against himself. He interviewed the brother of the man who posted the video who said that Cousins was nearly in tears as he implored the man to try to find a way to remove the video. He also said that DeDionisio threatened him with a federal wiretap prosecution.

Franklin has been overtly defensive throughout this growing scandal, showing little judgment or professionalism. He even expressly public doubt over any threats by DeDionisio without apparently speaking with the witness. Now that is good police work. You send an officer to investigate himself and interview his accusers while publicly criticizing allegations against another officer based presumably on the account of that officer. The allegation against DeDionisio may indeed be false, but it is important for a police chief to allow an investigation to proceed without such assumptions.

Franklin finally suspended Cousins with pay after the newspapers ran the story. Franklin insists that the response of the department to investigate the person who posted the video was the right decision because he needed see if the person has “an ax to grind” against Cousins and .”We all know there’s people who would retaliate against a police officer.” He refer defended the indefensible decision to assigned Cousins’ to track down his own accuser: “I would do that. I would go out and find out who this guy is.”

Obviously, the first person who needs to be fired is Erie Police Chief Steve Franklin who has no business holding any position of authority in a law enforcement organization. Traffic duty, perhaps.

Even if DeDionsio wanted Cousins there to identify the person, it would be improper in my view. He can be shown a picture without bringing the accused to the accuser — particularly a police officer. The accused could obviously be intimidated by the scene of other officers tracking him down and then showing the accused officer who his accuser is and where he lives. Moreover, having the accused officer speak to the accuser or witness is an obvious abuse. Finally, it is not clear why the police gave the highest priority to finding the accuser with Cousins as opposed to the content of the video. The primary response of the police appeared to try to force the removal of the embarrassing video from YouTube. This was a video taken in a public place. There is no crime here and the motivation of the person is irrelevant to determining if Cousins acted improperly.

I have been a critic of punishing officers and teachers for their off-duty conduct and lifestyle. However, in this case, Cousins is discussing an ongoing murder investigation and mocking victims in public. That makes it a legitimate matter for police investigation. However, I am far more concerned about the investigating officers and their conduct. The greatest concern is that continuation of Franklin in a position of authority.

For the video, click here.

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8 thoughts on “Video: Police Officer Shown on Drunken Video Joking About Murder and Tasering Suspect — Later Assigned to His Own Investigation”

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  2. Well, as a Police supervisor I am deeply embarassed by this video although I work in NYC this conduct is unconsionable. First the Officer appears to be armed, intoxicated and drunk as such not fit for duty, and I would bet money he drove home. To discuss a homicide investigation and joke about the decedent demonstrates, immaturity, lack of professionalism, and the proper morals to serve and protect the public. I will use this as a trainning video as to how stupid Police Officer’s appear and how they erode public confidence by their behavior and disrespect for the victims family in a very serious criminal matter and on going investigation. If the Chief was silent I agree with those who call for his removal, his silence and inaction are an endorsement of bad behavior, and fail to set high standards on those who are paid to serve the public.

  3. More proof of the fallacy of Intelligent Design. Who are these guys–Barney Fife and Goober?

  4. This sure sounds like a Texas case to me. This officer and the intelligent chief both need to find new employment. This is outrageous. This would be akin to naming George W. Bush to investigate himself.

  5. Well as interrelated as the Prosecutors and Judges are now days, marriage etc. I am not surprised in the least of this type of mentality.

    I do believe that the Prosecutor made issue of a Judge in Macomb County Michigan dating a Circuit Court Judge. Somehow or another they thought that this was an unfair advantage. Nearly cost the career of both.

  6. This is all so very inappropriate.

    I think an investigation into Cousins’ and Franklin’s mental and ethical fitness to perform police duties is warranted. Having nude pictures in Playboy off duty as a school coach is vastly different than ridiculing the victims of violent crimes one is supposedly sworn to “Protect & Serve” and then trying to cover it up under an obviously flawed investigation designed to intimidate (or worse) the good citizen who busted this clown having verbal diarrhea. This is not just bad judgment on Cousins’ part. This is evil. And Franklin? Well he’s prima facie not fit to command jack squat.

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