New York Lawyer Arrested For Throwing Kids Out of Car

madlyn_primoff1primoff_madlynMadlyn Primoff, 45, a partner at Kaye Scholer specializing in international financial matters spent the night in jail and is facing criminal charges after she allegedly throw her two daughters, 10 and 12, out of her car on the side of the road. One daughter succeeded in catching up with the car and jumping back in while the ten-year-old was found by another adult. Primoff reported the second daughter missing and was arrested when she went to the police station. She was carried with a misdemeanor count of endangering child welfare.

An adult found the ten-year-old crying and bought her some ice cream and called the police.

This appears to be a “parent on the edge” case and it is not clear what Primoff intended. Recently, a Texas columnist was arrested (in my view unnecessarily) to telling his son to walk home from a McDonald’s for acting badly, here. Primoff’s case may have been more serious but there is a concern over whether these matters can be handled without formal criminal charges.

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9 thoughts on “New York Lawyer Arrested For Throwing Kids Out of Car”

  1. My mother did this and it taught me a lesson. She came back to get my brother but I walked the half mile home.

  2. I thought the Texas McDonald’s case was bogus, in this one not so. People who allow themselves to be so frustrated by their children don’t understand parenting. My wife and I never spanked our daughters, punished (grounding) rarely and didn’t pay much attention to attempted disrespect. However, we were clear in our direction, maintained a common front and only confronted when it was really necessary. i.e. You want to wear mismatched clothes to school, be our guest. With good parenting and a lot of luck they have grown to be adults we are very proud of. If you can’t out think a teenager, perhaps you should consider pets instead of children.

  3. Love the before and after shots. This could be used in some PDA: ‘This is you, a successful lawyer. This is what happens when you throw children out of a car…’

  4. She has spent 12 and 10 years raising these kids and has only herself to blame (and husband if any) for any issues. This sort of thing is truly unconscionable, for a grown adult to behave in this fashion towards children. A 10 year old dumped off on the side of the road and watching her family drive away?

  5. Name says it all:


    Question: Why did PMS get names PMS?

    MAD-COW already taken…..

    See what and Ivy League Educated Woman can do?

  6. As the father of a teenage daughter, I say get control early. To young to leave but not to old to spank.

  7. Amen, Amen. While I do not condone child abuse sometimes, children need to learn boundaries. I have handled a number of cases where the child utilized the court system because “They Were Being Mistreated” wanted to go out on a date, in trouble in school. The havoc in the families lives. The expenses, missed work, attorney fees. Then we have the emotional fees, which include all sorts of things.

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