Wedding Bells and Bars: Women Arrested in Separate Wedding Crimes

collinsmolliestoryThere appears to be an emerging field of wedding torts and crimes this month. Recently, we saw a lawsuit against a woman who ruined a wedding by announcing that she was sleeping with the groom (hint: she was not the bride). Now, in Naples, Florida, Molly S. Collins (left), 19, is accused of stealing make up gifts for the bridesmaids after a wedding reception while in Tampa Lisa Coker is accused of crashing a wedding with a razor and crowbar — and attacking the wedding party.

Collins is accused of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of make up kits at the wedding reception. She is also accused of lifting one of the wallets of the bridesmaids.

In the meantime, police say that Coker appeared at the wedding reception of her ex-boyfriend with a razor and a crowbar. Assuming that the crowbar was old and the razor new, it was not clear what was borrowed. However, she proceeded to beat people black and blue — putting him in the hospital.

Coker was stopped at the door by the mother of the groom, Gail Hosey, and Coker first attacked her. Hosey succeeded in taking away the crowbar, but a fight ensured and Hosey was slashed on the arm.

She has been charged with aggravated battery.

For the Coker story, click here.

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  4. One can only hope that the people get help. And what do the fans of Dr. Phil, the Iowan who ran to Texas deadbeat have to say?

    Its all in the money, One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to get ready and ….

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