Massachusetts Lawyer Robbed During Work As Escort

logoThe ABA Journal is reporting on a case of a lawyer, Nina C. Baccala, 36, who was robbed while moonlighting as an escort. The recent graduate of New England School of Law and Massachusetts lawyer has been waiting for the results of her Rhode Island bar examination. She fought off the attacker who has a criminal record.

William V. Lapierre was arrested after allegedly trying to rob and then attacked Baccala.

Baccala graduated cum laude and has an MBA from Bryant University. She is listed as the president of BCN Enterprises LLC, a “dating service” providing “assorted gifts, merchandise, personal services.” On her bar application, she listed her employment as “telephone sales,” which could raise some questions.

Assistant Attorney General Stacey Pires Veroni said that Baccala tried to recant her charges after media latched on to the story.

There is no allegation of prostitution in the case, which is better than a recent Stanford law student, here.

For the original story, click here.

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    Texas police shake down drivers, lawsuit claims

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    # Town, county officials deny any wrongdoing, say officers follow the law


    This is not the only state that does this. I have heard that some don’t complain anymore because they just disappeared after signing the paperwork.

    Texas is not isolated on this.

  10. Read the more detailed local newspaper report for the more disturbing additional facts. The lawyer (escort/hooker), who also has an MBA degree, claimed her John robbed her. She threatened to lie that the crime never happened if the press reported it. The assistant attorney general also asked the newspaper not to report the lawyer/escort’s name. The lawyer, admitted in MA and pending admission in RI, had also lied on her bar application about the nature of her business. See

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