A Picture Worth A 1000 Words . . . And One White House Job

af_photoThe White House today agreed to release this one picture from the infamous buzzing of lower Manhattan — causing panic among New Yorkers. In the meantime, Louis Caldera, the head of the White House Military Office has resigned.

Caldera approved the operation, which was classified for still unknown reasons and kept from the public and most officials. The operation, which was just a photo op, cost taxpayers $328,835.

Caldera is a former Army secretary, under Clinton.

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13 thoughts on “A Picture Worth A 1000 Words . . . And One White House Job”

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  2. Pardon Me:

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  3. Let’s see $3,83.538, no, that’s $328,835 – 23, er, I mean times, or is that +, oh, I ‘no’ it is devide, carry a cipher, (cough) deduct a 1 Okay I got it:

    Teechers is way over payed, pardon me?!

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    The first thing Republicans cut is education. George W. Bush is evidence of why cutting and skimping on education is a very, very bad idea.

  4. The picture resulting from this boondoggle even looks like it was photoshopped. How many teachers’ salaries would $328,835 have paid? Obama is going to have to get serious about government waste.

  5. His medical excuse was about as plausible as “sorry, honey, I have a headache”.

    The man is a West Point Grad, for Gosh’ s Sakes! I like that he was fired/resigned. This is all about accountibility in government. Most of the time incompetence and lies are simply overlooked. This is a good thing for a former civil servant like me to observe. Get rid of liars and incompetent govmit workers and you will lose 60% of the deadwood.

    I am surprised that at least one of those panicked people in NY did not have a heart attack or sprain an ankle or claim emotional stress, get a Philadelphia lawyer and sue the government.

    Caldera and his staff must be required to refund the Treasury for the $300,000+ then this or similar mistakes would not reoccur.

  6. “In the meantime, Louis Caldera, the head of the White House Military Office has resigned.”


    “Well toot toot Tootsie goodbye
    toot toot Tootsie don’t cry
    That choo choo train that takes me
    Away from you no one can tell how sad it makes me”

    –Al Jolson

    Well maybe it’ll be a plane.

  7. AY

    I heard the same report that CharlesC posted about. I believe it was on The Today Show Friday morning.

  8. Air Force One photo op = $328,835. Photoshop = $64. Also, I think the most interesting part of this story is that supposedly Caldera, due to some medical problems that day, never gave the final OK on the fly over. It was reportedly a deputy that gave the go ahead. It makes you wonder who can order Air Force One to do what these days.

  9. Well I think that he probably was given the correct option. I do not think that he would have been fired, however, he could have been given a multitude of other responsibilities and these options were probably not to his liking.

    Humm, what could the options be???

    I think someone on this post already that that he would resign over this.

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