A Mouthful Dedication

dogwithballsIn sympathy with Majority Leader (and GW Grad) Harry Reid’s effort to deny that there is sufficient evidence to investigate torture, I give you this picture of a similar effort by a canine representative.

The key in holding opposing positions in your mouth at the same time is total flexibility. Warning: Much like four tennis balls, the act of arguing that “no one is above the law” but some crimes are the “right thing to do” can risk choking.

Thanks for Patty C for the picture.

53 thoughts on “A Mouthful Dedication”

  1. La la lal lalallla la

    Lefties dancing around the Maypole Obama while their freedoms disappear left and right and they are oblivous.

    Obama has done more damage to American’s freedoms in 4 months than Bush did in 4 years.

  2. Shouldn’t you lefties go out and get a job and move out of your mother’s basements and give dad back his old computer? At least pay for your own internet connection.

  3. miki spindell,

    do you think your rewriting history is not obvious to any with a clue?

  4. “Can you imagine ANY US Congressman telling America “the war is lost” when the Germans initiated the Battle of the Bulge”

    That you would dare to use this sentence shows how out of touch and into the propaganda you are. A brief history lesson:

    1. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and wiped out most of our Pacific Fleet in 1941. We declared war
    2. Germany declared war on US soon after.
    3. FDR who wanted to go to war, or prepare for it in 1939 was blocked by congressional Republicans led by Senator Prescott Bush. Yes W’s grandfather.
    4. Prescott Bush and the Dulles brothers ran a bank that lent Hitler money so he could come to power.
    5. George W. Bush admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
    6. We attacked Iraq to remove weapons of mass destruction, that were never there, because the Bushies told lies to get the Congress and public to go along.
    7. The war in Iraq is lost. Iran is the biggest influence there now and extremists are in control.
    8. By lying us into an unnecessary war and getting our troops killed, many because they weren’t given the right equipment by Rumsfeld, or Dick Cheney’s Haliburton, the Bush/Cheney Crime Family (sorry Mespo but Mike Malloy the radio guy thought this one up)are the real traitors.
    9. your obvious support of this criminal group indicates that you too support traitors, or more likely you snoozed through History and civics classes, while getting all your new from propagandists like FOX, or Rush.

    Why do you hate America?

  5. Joker,
    Batman awaits. Your comments show that you live in a comic book world.

  6. joker:
    What would demanding that Reid resign accomplish?
    Come on joker, get in the game. Investigate, prosecute and or pardon. Restore the Constitution from the institutional corruption we have endured.
    So that going forward, our elected officials never think they can violate we the the people.

  7. The dinner last night sort of reminded me of Hugo Chaves’s big party a couple of months ago where if you were not seen there you were determined to be an enemy of Chaves and open season was declared on you.

    Seems we are headed fast down the road towards the end of freedoms as the left dances around the Maypole Obama.

  8. Judging by the White House Correspondents dinner we can be very well assured that nothing Barack Obama does will be reported in a negative way by 85% of the press – which is the approximate number that voted for this doofus.


  9. joker:

    One of my criticisms of the political cancer that is neo-conservatism is its assumption that principle is malleable in the face of power. That is certainly the credo of the Bush-Cheney crime family (Thanks Mike S., for this vivid word picture). You should know than persons of principle still exist and they seem to congregate on our side of the aisle. So to answer to directly, all those complicit of whatever stripe should be held to account. No one has said otherwise.

    The main annoyance with crooks is that the believe everyone else is one too.

  10. US torture is our country’s real Milgram experiment. The experiment continues.

  11. Good picture, poor doggie. Harry Reid was complicit in that he was in on the briefings and thus tacitly approved the policy, while thinking to himself:”I’m a big shot, the big boys are letting me play with them and we’ve got such top secrets, that only we can know them.” I have no evidence of this beside my own BS detector. It certainly explains though why he is adopting his positions.

  12. Well now that the GODS of the liberals have spoken and otherwise indicated themselves as being in collusion on conducting harsh interrogation, when will Turley demand Harry Reid resign…..

  13. Harry Reid also told america the “war was lost” 18 months ago as we had young men and women fighting to free Iraquis from terrorism.

    I can’t imagine why he wasn’t kicked out and frog marched down the steps of Congress for that ridiculous statement.

    Can you imagine ANY US Congressman telling America “the war is lost” when the Germans initiated the Battle of the Bulge – oh wait, I here a lot of Democrats thought we were losing to the Germans also and were ready to call the Pacific Theater quits at Manila.

  14. This is not the first instance I have known where an otherwise logically thinking person defends a barbaric, illegal act. It’s extremely chilling. Perhaps Mr. Reid is simply trying to please both sides of the debate, but the truly alarming thing here is that there is any debate at all. Torture is illegal, a war crime. Our leaders committed a war crime. There is no debate. It’s obvious that what is going on in the minds of many is a confusion between justice and retribution. That so many refuse to see it is appalling.

  15. David,

    I’ve been struck by the sheer number of lies thrown about as well. They’re flinging out a bowl of spaghetti like a discus thrower. Each piece of spaghetti represents a different lie, a different excuse. If one piece doesn’t stick they hope another one will. So far, this technique has been all too successful.

    I just listened to Gen Sanchez on NPR talk about torture in Iraq. We’re back to a few bad apples and a little confusion. And we’re supposed to believe the Pentagon cancelled their propaganda tour of military spokespeople. Right?

    1. FFLEO:

      Actually, Reid had a famous grudge against GW Law due entirely to a conversation with a former Associate Dean who allegedly told Reid that he might not be suited for law school after Reid (who was struggling to support his family while working in Congress) said that he could not afford law school.

  16. To paraphrase Homer Simpson, Harry’s not lying, he’s “writing fiction with his mouth.” Another way of looking at his contorted, contradictory positions on this issue is that he’s “diversifying his portfolio” of excuses for not prosecuting. If the public outcry is large, he can fall back on the “right thing to do” excuse, but until that happens, he can rely on the “no one is above the law” and “we don’t torture, anymore” justifications.

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