Texas Man Held for 83 Days For Failure to Appear For Jury Duty

TexasDouglas Maupin was held at the Collin County Detention Facility for 83 days for his failure to appear for jury duty. He was never allowed a lawyer during his confinement and refused information on what he was being held for. In the course of his confinement, he lost his rental home, his job and his dog Daisy.

Maupin, 34, was stopped for speeding (65 miles an hour in a 45 mph zone) and it was discovered that he had an outstanding 6-year-old warrant for failing to appear for jury duty. A municipal judge set a $1,500 bond and, since Maupin did not have the money, he was sent to jail.

The judge who signed the original 2003 warrant retired.

Maupin insisted that the original summons was sent to his parents address and that is why he did not get it. His mother is partially disabled. He said that other inmates tried to get authorities to act after they were released from jail. It took the Dallas Morning News to force action by writing on the story.

He still does not know what happened to his dog Daisy or his belongings.

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8 thoughts on “Texas Man Held for 83 Days For Failure to Appear For Jury Duty”

  1. This is horrible. I hope that Mr. Maupin is able to file a lawsuit to at least retrieve money for loss of property, loss of job and the loss of companionship – in poor Daisy. GOOD LUCK, Mr. Maupin.

  2. Mike Spindell,

    Unfortunately they attempt to force civic duty. The rationale is dumb for this is.

  3. I knew that some day a story like this was going to occur and guess what it happened it Texas. Sent to Jail for failing to appear for Jury Duty. Does it occur to any of these lame brains that any one who really doesn’t want to appear for jury duty, shouldn’t be on a jury. Nothing like having some disgruntled and disinterested juror deciding one’s fate.

  4. And you know every damn wealthy and well-known person in that county never served a day of jury duty because they called the judge and were released from serving.

  5. The Eyes Of Texas

    The Eyes of Texas are upon you,

    All the live long day..

    The Eyes of Texas are upon you,

    You cannot get away. (just ask Mr. Maupin)

    Do not think you can escape them, (’cause y’all caint)

    At night, or early in the morn..

    The Eyes of Texas are upon you,

    Till Gabriel blows his horn! (or the Jailer is bribed)

    I’ll Tell You What!

  6. At an average cost of $69.70 per day for a Collin County inmate, the mistakes involving Maupin’s case cost the county roughly $5,785.

    The above was out of the DMNs article.

    Now that is Justice Texas Style.

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