Gingrich: House Has “Obligation” to Investigate Pelosi

225px-Newt-2004-clippedNewt Gingrich found a new level of hypocrisy this week in insisting that the Congress has “an obligation” to investigate Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I have been highly critical of Pelosi who at a minimum appears to have abandoned her duties of oversight for political convenience and at worst is outright lying. However, Gingrich who says that Pelosi is acting in a “despicable, dishonest and vicious” way, does not believe that there is any need to call for an investigation into torture and the commission of both federal and war crimes.

Gingrich called Pelosi is a “trivial politician, viciously using partisanship for the narrowest of purposes.” Of course, Gingrich has opposed any investigation into a myriad of Bush violations and alleged crimes. What astonishes me is how comfortable both Democratic and Republican leaders are in such hypocrisy. I discussed the Pelosi story last night on this segment of Countdown.

The fact is that Pelosi should be held accountable for her failure to act on torture and her effort to block any investigation into torture. The support of her district shows precisely the same type of blind party loyalty that Republicans showed to their members from Randy Cunningham to Ted Stevens. This is precisely why the GOP lost power. Voters stand with politicians rather than principles — encouraging this type of flagrant hypocrisy. The manipulation of this scandal by both the Democratic and Republic leadership shows an utter contempt for the intelligence of voters. Likewise, Obama’s abandonment of core civil liberties principles shows that the White House has concluded that the left will never withdraw its support for Obama, even when he is adopting the very same policies as the prior Administration on civil liberties.

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83 thoughts on “Gingrich: House Has “Obligation” to Investigate Pelosi”

  1. Mike S

    You wrote: Weber was correct. There was a time in my life when I thought I’d make politics a career and then I grew, had a bit of therapy and came to see what a horrible job a politician has, certainly not one I wanted. The people who go into it are for the most part somewhat damaged emotionally and I think that has always been the case. **

    I think of politicians as narcissists, the way I think of movie stars as narcissists. One has to have more than a touch of narcissism in order to launch a campaign, finance it and articulate some set of beliefs while under intense scrutiny. and for most politicians governance is something that happens in between elections and press conferences and forces the candidate to be always planning for the next campaign. Public service has gotten lost in the process.

    I too thought of politics at one time but was in the middle of child-rearing and lots of other stuff and was pretty much unelectable anyway, having done many many things that I do not regret at all but at this point prefer to relegate to privacy. But now, since we have had 2 presidents who have inhaled, snorted and had sexual affairs outside the confines of marriage (yup. Bush did it too. it just wasn’t widely publicized — but there were a few months after Condi Rice called Bush her husband on Meet the Press when Laura moved out of the White House) and a First Lady with a vehicular manslaughter charge that was hushed up (Laura, again), it seems that almost anyone can buff one’s past to a nice shiny glow as long as you can answer the tough questions like “what kinds of things do you read?” and are content to wear the wardrobe than you can afford on your own.

    btw, no need to apologize for the Nancy Pelosi thing.
    While I did mention that I
    Wile I live in CA now, I’ve lived in a bunch of other states and I never did, and probably never will mention exactly where I live now.

    I think people forget that the Speaker was raised by politicians and that makes her unlike those who grew up in other settings.

    I did, once long ago, live in the late Tom Lantos’s district. We belonged to the same synagogue and I admired him for many reasons including a shared family history. He walked out of the same ashes as the few remaining members of my family. he was one of those survivors whose resilience informed his wisdom about our obligations as members of a community that has a unique responsibility to future generations.

  2. Mike A

    You wrote:

    **It boils down to this. First, if the government had not embarked on a program of torture, there wouldn’t be any photographs lying around for Former Dem and other Bush apologists to go berserk over. Second, the belief that the executive branch can do no wrong continues to be the motto of those in Congress, Democrats and Republicans, who utterly failed to conduct any oversight and now cower at the prospect of investigations. **

    Absolutely. If there is something to be discovered, lets get it done. Let the smoke and mirror show come to an end. Publish the pictures and the memos and call on all to answer for their actions and let’s settle this thing.

    No one, ever, is or should be above the law.

    Wasn’t it John Marshall who wrote ” ours is a government of laws and not men” in Marbury?

    I am nothing if not a simple creature. If torture is against the law then we should be investigating the men and women who made it okay to torture.

  3. Buddha

    I don’t know that any words are worth fighting over. When it comes to armed conflict, I am a strict pacifist. No good has ever come out of any war and while some may disagree, that’s just the way I see it. The losers outnumber the winners and while this nation was founded on an idea that has lit the world for over 200 years, it is not an idea that can be forced on other nations because it is right here, right for us.

    Just consider what the result of popular election did for those poor palestinians in gaza when they elected hamas. that one election pretty much made sure that there would be zero advancement toward legitimate statehood, improvement in infrastructure, elevation in standard of living, education or delivery of basic social services for people who deserve better but who stand on principles that are not only outdated but will always assure continued strife.

    The people got what they wanted by standing on principle. Who won? What does winning look like for the palestinians? the israelis?

    What does it mean for us when our president latches on to some abstraction like “looking to the future” instead of doing right by the people and the constitution he swore to uphold?

    If Gingrich wants hearings let him have them. It forces everyone’s hand… open all the windows… I can’t wait.

  4. “I want to know this:
    what does winning look like?”


    Weber was correct. There was a time in my life when I thought I’d make politics a career and then I grew, had a bit of therapy and came to see what a horrible job a politician has, certainly not one I wanted. The people who go into it are for the most part somewhat damaged emotionally and I think that has always been the case.

    Here though is the problem as I see it. Humans have always organized themselves as does a band of gorillas. The toughest one is in charge and gets all the females, who are little more than sperm receptacles and baby raisers. Because of our larger brain some humans, at first a small percentage, began to realize that this was not the best way to organize society and that females were every bit as smart (if not smarter) than males and so should have a say in running things.

    This belief did not endear itself to the powers that be and so began humanity’s age old struggle to evolve into a better species. The battle has gone back and forth with those for the status quo usually on top, because by their natures they were willing to act with more ruthlessness. Gradually the side for a humane humanity has inched all humans forward, but progress is measured in decades and centuries. There will never be any instant gratification for our side, but eventually, long beyond our lives we will prevail. While we always must howl in protest at evils perpetrated, we must realize that many humans choose to stand on the sidelines and be led. Given that realization all I can say is that the struggle continues and we must continue to fight.

    PS: I owe you an apology for thinking you lived in Nancy P’s district and disliked her. I confused you with another poster so I am sorry for the mistake.

  5. It boils down to this. First, if the government had not embarked on a program of torture, there wouldn’t be any photographs lying around for Former Dem and other Bush apologists to go berserk over. Second, the belief that the executive branch can do no wrong continues to be the motto of those in Congress, Democrats and Republicans, who utterly failed to conduct any oversight and now cower at the prospect of investigations. Third, the effort to refocus attention from the Bush administration to Nancy Pelosi does not change the underlying facts and is hardly an argument against the prosecution of wrongdoing. Fourth, we know that agencies lie. The CIA is not an exception. Fifth,those such as Former Dem, persons so afraid of the terrorist propaganda that they would willingly give up all of our freedoms for any promised security, should be completely ignored because they have nothing of value to contribute to the debate. Finally, while some may believe that it is essential to redeem the reputations of Bush and Cheney, burying the past will not accomplish that. Truth is non-partisan. Its only enemy is the liar.

  6. GWLSMom,

    I know a LOT of words. These words are unlike any other EVER put together. The Declaration of Independence is unique in all of jurisprudence if not all of human history.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    Those are the only words I’ve ever read worth fighting for. The Declaration has been used to correct the Constitution without overthrowing it before (see Lincoln). As it stands now, our checks and balances have been severely compromised by graft and political demagoguery.

    Now is the time to correct the system. It is designed to be self-correcting, but that does not mean it is self-correcting without effort and/or sacrifice. But the issue before us today is simple: Either this is a country of laws living under the rule of law or ALL of government becomes illegitimate. I swore an oath to protect the Constitution from enemies foreign AND domestic. This includes the Neocon GOP and any and all of their enablers in the DNC (Senate, looking in your obstructionist direction). We have enemies inside the gate. If we don’t stand now, there will be severe negative social and legal consequences.

    To sit aside is a choice, I’ll admit. But I’ll also admonish and caution that Edmund Burke was right when he said, “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”

    So those who value liberty are not just battling against the Neocon Nazis who’ve stolen some of our governmental mechanisms, the real enemies who did attack us (Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia), but against American apathy as well. It is the battle against apathy that may prove the hardest battle to win absent the government doing something (once again) truly horrible to the people in the name of “national security”. Are we going to play like Germany and pretend it’s all okay until we see the camps going up here at home for citizens who disagree with the policy of Never Ending War for Exxon’s P/L Statement?

    I certainly hope not.

  7. Oh,as for Gingrich calling for an investigation of nancy pelosi, I say this; bring it.

    Bring it on. this is the best thing that could possibly happen — a republican -led investigation of Nancy Pelosi complete with a special prosecutor? its genius and we should be emailing Gingrich with our support.

    Once the genie is let out of the bottle on who knew what about torture memos and when they knew it the rest of it comes into play. the whole torture enchilada is served up publicly. The CIA, Cheney, Gitmo, water boarding.

    oh and if there were democrats involved in this, let their heads roll too.

  8. Mike

    I can’t recall, exactly, but I think it was Max Weber who wrote and I paraphrase that politics is the “slow boring of hard boards” and anyone who chooses it risks losing their soul.

    I want to know this:
    what does winning look like?

    The extreme right wing republicans have no idea what winning looks like.After 8 years of republican majorities in both houses of Congress, a republican president and a pretty conservative court they did not accomplish a single item on the social agenda wish list. Not one.

    Now we have an overwhelming democratic majority in congress and a democrat in the white house and at least one seat on the bench up for grabs and I’m not sure that a single one of our agenda items will be fulfilled. Okay, so we got stem cell research. That doesn’t matter since the real work is being done elsewhere anyway.
    We thought we’d get Gitmo closed. We thought that there would be an end to closed military tribunals. We thought that BushCo would be investigated for starting a was based on lies and ordering torture.

    Do all politicians lose their way? become nothing more than fodder for lobbyists? Are elections really a choice between the most and least telegenic with better or worse speech writers and prep teams? The evil of two lessers?

    I feel like the atheist sitting in a house of worship watching all the believers, unsure of whether it is better to be like them or not.

  9. Sorry Bron,
    If you make more than $10,000,000 per year you should pay about 70%. Social Security Taxes should also not have an income cap. That is because the Reagan game was to raise SS taxes in the 80’s and rather than keep the funds for SS, put them in the general funds column. In that way he raised taxes on the middle and working classes without anyone realizing he had made the largest tax increase in history.

  10. MikeS:

    you give me the capitalism/free markets you can have the rest. Just keep taxes under 20% for all taxes and dont make it progressive. You do that and we could fund all the social programs you want and still have enough left over for defense.

    Just call me an extremely progressive socialist. I want to make the golden goose lay more eggs and I know it can but you have to treat it nice.

  11. The third party wish has been around for a long time in American Politics, with mostly poor results. One can point to some success for the Socialist Party, headlined by Eugene V. Debs for more than 50 years. Their calls for a forty hour week and for social security eventually were fulfilled many decades later. The Whigs did self destruct to then re-emerge as the Republicans. TR’s Bull Moose Party took Democratic votes which helped elect Taft and put an end to the progressiveness of that incumbent President. Nader’s runs represented the ultimate in egotistical hubris, for both he and his supporters. The Green Party, talks a great game but fails to organize extensively locally. This is the minimum effort needed to form a viable third party and so many third party proponents talk a good game, but don’t follow through. The fundamentalist right gained power by winning at the School Board level and building from there.

    Many third party proponents think that political organization is like a Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland musical. Mickey shouts let’s put on a show and the next thing you know they’re on Broadway. Political life doesn’t work that way, it works slowly via building organizations on the ground. That in itself, even in this electronic age, would need a minimum of a decade. This would be true if you could get people to compromise on their political beliefs enough to form a viable coalition. Yet I know that some on this site see me as their enemy, because I don’t believe as they do, despite the fact that we are in 80% agreement most of the time. I’ve found common cause with FFLEO and Bron who differ from me politically to a great degree. I don’t think we’ll be joining the same party soon, but we are able to recognize each`other as good people and wish each other well.
    In the years I’ve been politically active though, I have found the most bad feeling coming from people whose side I am on, but who doubt my politics because I don’t fully adhere to their particular party line.

    Third party’s are not created merely out of wish fulfillment and usually end up with the law of unintended consequence holding sway.

  12. SuaSponte,
    Your treatment of Former Dem was reasoned and rather tepid given the amount of lie and offenses committed in his many inane posts. As to his sobriquet, he has been directly challenged on his claims of having once been a member of the at least sane party, but has failed to respond and in his silence has shown the truth.

    “My goodness, so many self-proclaimed former Republicans expousing left wing ideas with left wingers on a left wing blog. This must be bizarro world – oops, it is!”

    This was the ending to his most amazing post above, in which he projects onto people writing here his own disingenuous and I truly believe is totally unaware of the irony. My guess is that he is to be ignored, rather than encouraged.

  13. Just how many on here have accepted the entries of the character behind the name, “Former Dem”?

    By his/her bilge ye shall know him/her as an unrepentant, pathetic Dupe, if not (and perhaps more likely) a self-absorbed, contemptible, genuine plutocrat active in the Plutocratic Party (masking itself through the label Republican Party).

    If this character is indeed a former Democrat, then one can visualize the conversion through deception of “Former Dem” sitting slack-jawed with a drool, being mesmerized by the propangandist bilge being spewed over all the mindless Dupes in the audience by the gang at Fox News and by the crackpots of rightwinger talk radio. Ultimately, “Former Dem” will have been worked into a bulging-eyed, foaming-mouth frenzy on the warpath for those “loons on the left” and quickly into a frenetic Dupe with flag-waving cheers both for the Plutocrats and for their Stooges in Congress assembled.

  14. AY,

    Yeah, we have bowling here. Most of us have indoor plumbing too. Actually, KC is very metropolitan. The rest of the state not so much, but KC does quite well in that department. In fact, for a city this size, it has one of the best (per capita, IMHO) art museums in the country. Better than anything in Dallas. The only museums I’ve seen that I enjoy more are in Chicago, LA and New York. There’s a decent but very small natural history museum in Lawrence (@ KU), but to get a real natural history museum it’s just a short transport to Chicago and the Field.

    Plus, I kinda like you AY. I wouldn’t set you up with the Ex or anyone who would claim to be her friend. She’s pathologically incapable of being unselfish so she doesn’t have real friends – doctor assisted diagnosis that, not just opinion. Merely being an a-hole isn’t enough to merit that kind of punishment.

    But if Dick Cheney is looking for a woman, have I got a hook up for him!


    I once had a very wise man as a biology teacher. He had been held captive by the Japanese during WWII so he knew a lot about suffering. He said, “The two worst things in the world are boredom and unrequited love.” While I don’t think his list was all inclusive, it is a good start.

  15. Peppermint Patty is a lesbian? What am I going to do now, unrequited love sucks.

  16. Well, Buddha,

    If you want to split what you gave her.
    Maybe we can set her up for a Domestic.

    Nah, would not be kosher.

    So you all have bowling in Kansas? Wow, guess its flat enough. Is it indoors or out?


  17. AY,


    Lucy van Pelt was the annoying one in Peanuts.

    She was the one who’d have taken your football.

    Peppermint Patty was the lesbian. And very nice by comparison to that vile Lucy. Helpful. Congenial. Always had the gal worshiping, er, following her around and calling her “Sir”.

    Lucy would say you are such an assh**e you can’t even get your comic strip insults straight. And she’d say it right after she took your football and you are laying flat on your back.

    I think she and my Ex go bowling once a week if you’d like an introduction. Some guys like two dimensional sadists. Watch out though. If she’s like my Ex, and bird’s of a feather and all of that, then that Lucy is a mean drunk.

  18. Bron98,

    I get educated all the time. Thank you. I might have though, nod, nod, wink, wink.

    See FF LEO

    is a different person than I. I am indeed 50. What are you profiling me? LOL.

    Witty I am not. An Ass***e, I can be. I have appreciated this site, it has given me the opportunity to reawaken the inner child.

  19. FFLEO:

    I did not think you and Anon the same person, I was pointing out that “someone” might think that because of the way you both write sometimes.

  20. Bron,

    AnonY and I are not the same person. Sometimes our wit might overlap but hisn’ is a bit more witty than mine.

    I am in my 6th decade of life and I guess that AnonY in 45-50 and you in your late 30s early 40s.

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