Jersey Boys: Former Federal Prosecutor Arrested in Murder of Witness

250px-Hinged_Handcuffs_Rear_Back_To_BackPaul Bergrin, 53, a former federal prosecutor, and three others were arrested this week on charges relating to the murder of a witness in a drug case as well as racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering charges. He is also accused of trying to hire a hitman. Prosecutors says that Bergrin had a favorite saying: “He liked to say ‘No witnesses, no case.”

The murder allegation refers to the killing of a confidential witness in a federal drag case. The alleged attempt to hire a hit man occurred in Chicago in another drug case. Prosecutors say that the hitman turned out to be a cooperating witness.

He is also accused of coaching witnesses to lie. In one case, Norberto Velez, of Newark was accused of murdering his wife by stabbing her 27 times in front of their 8-year-old daughter. The child changed her story and said on the stand that Bergrin coached her to lie on the stand.

Bergrin was an assistant U.S. Attorney and pleaded guilty this month to two misdemeanor counts for his involvement with a prostitution ring, as discussed earlier.

Eight witnesses have either died or lied in Bergrin’s cases.

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  1. I am sorry for the child to have had to go through this in any shape form or fashion. But I do agree not witness no case.

  2. Mr. Bergrin apparently represented a class of clientele who believe that the duty of advocacy is somewhat more extensive than one would normally expect.

  3. on a similar but different topic concerning the men arrested yesterday for conspiring to blow up a Jewish Synagoge.

    Does the FBI incite this type of behaviour by insinuating themselves into the lives of people that might just be full of hot air but given a preceived leader might fall in behind and act on their thoughts. How much responsibilty belongs to the actors and how much to the FBI?

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