Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Gave $257,500 of Campaign Funds to Wife

160px-Jesse_Jackson,_Jr.,_official_photo_portraitFor years, reformers have denounced the use of campaign funds by members of Congress to pay family members for “consulting” and other services. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., however, appears unconcerned about the appearance of such payments: giving $247,500 to his wife, Sandra (known as Sandi). He also reportedly gave $298,927 in cash and in-kind contributions to her successful campaign for city council.

Jackson reportedly gave at least $95,000 to his wife after she won the city council position. That latest payment is interesting because Sandi swore to give her “full attention” to her city council position.

Jackson received a Federal Election Commission advisory opinion in 2001 saying that he could pay his wife. This is an example of how Democrats and Republicans continue to manipulate the rules to enrich themselves and their families. There is no reason why such payments have not been prohibited beyond the desire of both parties to funnel money to their friends and family. For a prior column, click here.

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4 thoughts on “Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Gave $257,500 of Campaign Funds to Wife”

  1. with a name like jesse jackson, you KNOW bad is coming.

    lying, cheating and whatever.

    oh. that’s the dad.

    and now the son?

    hm. learns well from the old man.

    jesse the adulterer jackson.

    hey. hard to keep score without a program.

  2. Jesse Jackson, Jr. has a (D) after his name, so no more will be heard of this.

  3. Honor and morality is a thing long since passed from American politicians. Even the newest messiah, Himself, cannot stop the flip-flopping and lies.

    How much will Americans take before becoming enraged at this type of behavior?

    Hint… they never will become “un”brainwashed, it appears, even though I am trying to help.

  4. Truth in Elections Commission? sounds good in theory, but would the people be in office if they could not lie a little a lot of the time or for that matter lie all thee time?

    I just want to know where my cut is?

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