Magnum Cum Laude: Texas Passes Law Allowing Students and Teachers to Carry Concealed Weapons on Campus

8263thumb_weapon_gun_smith_and_wesson_hand_ejectorThe Texas legislature passed a bill to allow college students, teachers, and employees to carry concealed weapons on school grounds. This is the solution found by Sen. Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio, to the problem of the Virginia Tech massacre — fill campuses with firearms.

Wentworth insists that the lack of guns allowed students and faculty to be “picked off like sitting ducks.” Notably, the legislature prohibited the guns in university hospitals and athletic facilities.

Wentworth insists that “I would feel personally guilty if I woke up one morning and read that something similar had occurred on a Texas campus.” It appears that he will not feel quite so guilty with a dozen or so individual incidents of shootings in various schools around the state. This should make grade reviews interesting for teachers who can keep one hand on their testing sheets and one hand on their magnums.

There are eleven universities that currently allow handguns on campus.

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  1. Anon and others

    Yeah, I kinda do mind the high taxes here in CA and that fact that gasoline costs about $0.45 more a gallon than it does elsewhere. But when ti surf is up and its been good the las few days, 3-4 feet and glassy, it makes me glad to be here.

    Re: Christian cults who prey on kids away from home for the first time, you include Jews for Jesus. I met the man who started this questionable organization, Marty, aka “Mo” Rosen, a former Jew who was ordained as a baptist minister several decades ago. He told me that any means including lies and deceit including the practice of cult-ike brainwashing are okay to use if there is even the remotest possibility of getting one more Jew to accept jesus. I know exactly what practices they use and why and have worked with local Jewish organizations when J4J decided to target our area for a summer campaign.
    This is the good news: they usually distribute between 1-2 million leaflets in a major urban campaign inviting people to contact them/ attend a rally. Of the Jews who do contact them/ attend a rally which is usually around 100 in a 10-day campaign, maybe 40 ask for more information. Of those 40 they maybe get 2-3 who stick around and join up. of those 2-3 none of them are still around in one year. So the return on their investment of printing costs and paper alone is a loser. J4J is mainly a Christian evangelical organization posing as a Jewish one.

    I can go into greater detail if anyone is interested.

  2. You will unlikely find a stronger supporter of 2nd Amendment rights and as a NRA member, I think that having guns on campus is a terrible idea.

    One main problem is having fat-bellied campus rent-a-cops who could not fight their way out of a pre-teeny bopper slumber party pillow fight. Furthermore, there is little enforcement of laws on the books and then too lax punishment of gun law violators.

    Troubled people have no respect for weak people in positions of law enforcement. Many cop killers say that the reason they killed a particular officer was because of his lack of professional demeanor (paraphrased) and because of that unprofessionalism they knew they could *take* him.

  3. JW,

    Nope, you’re still unwilling to critically examine your position, or the evidence you use to support it. I don’t expect you to change, or even care what I think, but I was hoping for an intellectually honest discussion. Since it seems I won’t get that from you, I hope you have a nice time here, but I’m done with you.

  4. Matthew N

    “Why would I want to walk around with a loaded weapon on my hip just begging some cop to shoot me or begging some paranoid hillbilly to start something?”

    Matthew, you say this as though we can’t possibly know the answer. The problem is, the experiment has already been done! Shall Issue concealed carry has been a reality in over half of the country for the better part of a decade, and the craziness you fear simply hasn’t materialized.

    “I am all for people having the right to defend themselves.”

    Except if it’s with the best tool for doing so apparently.

    “This isn’t the “Wild West.” Violent incidents are few and far between in most communities. The ability for people to legally carry a hidden weapon poses a risk not only to the general public but also to police officers.”

    This sounds like something we would have heard year and years ago when the CCW movement was first starting. We now know that cops don’t freak out and shoot CCW carriers and CCWs don’t go Rambo at the first sign of a shoplifter and shoot up innocent bystanders.


    “Listen up cowboy, we don’t have school massacres anywhere else EXCEPT in the goof old USA.”

    Of the ten worst school massacres of all time, six were not in the United States. Of those six, three were of the standard “active shooter” variety we think of when we think of a school shooting. Of the four in the U.S., three fall in that category. Contrary to popular belief, the worst school massacre in U.S. history was not at Virginia Tech and it wasn’t a shooting.

    “Now stretch the neurones a little more and ask why? No it is not drugs, or gangs, or immigrants, or twinkies……it’s your dumb STUPID RECKLESS gun laws.”

    Eh, I’m going with drugs plus a unique blend of cultural factors. People often point out stuff like, “Gun crime in such and such a country is less than half what it is in the U.S.” What they don’t often say is that if you cancel out all gun crime in the U.S., our violent crime rate is *still* higher. We have a violent crime problem independent of guns.

    “We need to ban guns PERIOD. And that is what I am devoting the second haf of my life to doing, including cjhanging the 2nd. amendment.”

    Thankfully, you’re the type of gun control activist who has the lowest likelihood of achieving anything, but hey, knock yourself out.


    “This potential law is being discussed in the perfect place for more concealed weapons, the State of Texas. To all of the pro-concealed weapons people, why does Texas need more guns?”

    I don’t think it’s going to lead to all that many more guns, just to people who already have them carrying them more.

    “Don’t the criminals in Texas know that they will be executed in Texas if they commit a crime so noone will misuse a weapon in Texas. Right?”

    I’m not a good pro-CCW person to ask. I’m as anti death penalty as you can get.


    “You weren’t refuting anything.”

    Yeah I was. One more time, he said he didn’t think normal people could defend themselves and I pointed to that website as proof that he was wrong.

    “You were making a claim:”

    To refute his…

    “”Hand guns are used to save the lives of (potential) victims of violent crime. From your comment, “Every day in this country people who would otherwise be hopelessly outmatched are given a chance to live by using a firearm.”

    Anecdotes of the use of guns in self defense might prove half of that (hand guns are used) but doesn’t speak to the other half (the victims would have died otherwise). What WOULD speak to the second half is the kind of study I was suggesting.

    You make a claim, it’s up to you to prove it.”

    Ok, I’ll rephrase. Hundreds of thousands of times per year, regular people use firearms against criminals in scenarios that might have lead to the law abiding citizen’s injury or death, but that probably would have ended with hugs and cookies.

    Is that better?

  5. This potential law is being discussed in the perfect place for more concealed weapons, the State of Texas. To all of the pro-concealed weapons people, why does Texas need more guns? Don’t the criminals in Texas know that they will be executed in Texas if they commit a crime so noone will misuse a weapon in Texas. Right?

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