One Last Memorial Day Photo

IMG_4244This picture was taken when a family went to put flowers on the grave of their veteran family member.

I could not resist posting this. What a wonderful thing to find on such a solemn trip.

Yesterday, when I went to NBC for the coverage on Sotomayor, a camera man and I stood transfixed by two deer eating and playing in front of the studio on Nebraska Avenue — a common site. I almost missed the White House announcement. This picture, however, is one in a million.

11 thoughts on “One Last Memorial Day Photo”

  1. CCD:

    Da buck is just a little guy, but he has 3 sexy ladies by his side and 2 little ones. I really havent seen them since Wayne the huntsman came by so Da Buck aint stupid or maybe the neighbors just have better chow.

  2. Neither one of you was ever mature enough to carry a gun
    much less fire it…

    … no matter what your ‘daddy’ said …=

    You can sit down forever, little girl.

  3. “Peace through superior fire power.” – Bron

    🙂 Da buck in your hood now has his concealed carry permit.

  4. @rafflaw:

    There are families of deer that routinely hang out in my neighburhood. That deer in front of the fallen soldier’a grave is a fawn, or a baby deer. You can tell bt the spots on its back. They are very cute.

  5. Rafflaw:

    come on even the yard rats have to make a living. I had some trees in the backyard that would not grow and then died, I then put a fence around the backyard and the new trees took off. The deer were eating the tender young shoots unknown to me.

    I had a hunter come out and walk around in the front yard sporting a bow and arrow back in December, the deer havent been back since. Peace through superior fire power.

  6. “What is a man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, men would die from great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man.”

    —Chief Seattle

  7. What a lovely photo, it’s a very striking and symbolic tableau. Perfect for Memorial day. Thanks for the posting.

  8. Whew. That is just divine. Divine inspiration.

    Thank you for the work you put into your blog. It is really wonderful – a daily stop on my flight around the Blogosphere.

  9. Sir, that is truly a beautiful picture with the deer. The setting, now if it were November, I’d just tell the dear deer to stay put.

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