Ranck Pizza: Florida Prosecutor Arrested for Assaulting Pizza Delivery Woman

19623180_240X135Veteran Miami-Dade prosecutor David Ranck, 51, has been charged with battery after allegedly assaulting a pizza delivery woman. He has been suspended by his office. Only the week before a Broward County prosecutor was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Ranck and the delivery woman allegedly got into an altercation when she could not get into Ranck’s gated community and insisted that he come down to get the pizza. The shouting reportedly woke neighbors. Ranck allegedly punched the woman in the arm and knocked off her pizza delivery visor. Ranck insists that the woman tapped him with her car.

In the meantime, David Braun, 29, a Broward county prosecutor since 2006, jumped on a deputy’s back at the Carolina Ale House bar when the officer attempted to handcuff his brother, Derek Braun. The prosecutor also reportedly cursed and yelled at the officer in the incident, here.

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16 thoughts on “Ranck Pizza: Florida Prosecutor Arrested for Assaulting Pizza Delivery Woman”

  1. Queen of Sheba: “Bigger question: Did she slam the pizza into his face after he whacked her, and if not, why not?”

    LOL and a good question too.

  2. Let’s see…the prosecutor is arguing that the pizza lady hit him with her car so he punched her in the arm and knocked her hat off. Couple questions:

    If he was standing by her car window ready to collect his pizza, how did she hit him with her car? If he was hit while standing in front of the car, wouldn’t she have had to be inside the car to drive into him? So how did he give her a retaliatory whack on the arm from in front of the car?

    Bigger question: Did she slam the pizza into his face after he whacked her, and if not, why not?

  3. I have two words for this jerk: Gate Code.
    It isn’t like ever pizza delivery doesn’t already have the code anyway. Next time, give the pizza delivery the gate code. That way they can drive to front door.

    Or send a servant to gate to fetch pizza. Don’t have servant? too bad for you.

  4. In Mespo’s defense, this story has an infinity of variables…my take was a pent up desire for domestic violence.

  5. FFLeo:

    “M72, remember that whollie is not a lawyer, ergo….”

    Alas, whoolie is the finer poet, but I’d take you or whoolie second chair anytime–perfunctory credentials notwithstanding. As De Tocqueville said our profession is really a “state of mind.”

  6. Bron:

    “you sure it wasn’t just an aw shucks friendly jab to the arm to say job well done good and gentle servant?”


    Sort of an “atta boy (“lady?”).” Well that’s a better defense than “she hit me with her big ol’ car.” Sniff, sniff.

  7. M72, remember that whollie is not a lawyer, ergo….

    Regardless, we all enjoy whoolie’s world of blue-collar colloquial succinctness *and* your worldly white-collar legalist verbosity. The best happens when the 2 worlds collide.

  8. Damn you whoolie for saying in 6 words what took me scores of syllables.

  9. sounds to me like she might have a hold of his pepperoni and is preparing to slice it up.

  10. Imagine what he would have done had she left off the pepperoni.

  11. And to think you never read, yet about this happening in Texas. Do you think it could have happened at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.?

  12. Mespo:

    you sure it wasn’t just an aw shucks friendly jab to the arm to say job well done good and gentle servant?

  13. One of those pizza delivery vehicle assault cases, I see. Let’s analyze:
    Eight dollar (or so) female delivery driver, drives up to the sparkling gated community of a paragon of the community and experienced state prosecutor, David Ranck. Incensed over having to venture out into the hostile world of the common rabble to retrieve his pizza, Prosecutor Ranck questions why the driver couldn’t have come to his door, donned the ceremonial house slippers, and presented his Italian open faced sandwich on a silver tray while he studied the holding in McNaughton’s case. Simple blue collar worker whose livelihood depends on customer satisfaction in the form of tips, then immediately and without provocation lurches her 2000 pound car forward to strike the great man of letters injuring both his person and his pride. The refined gentleman then defends himself against this threatening female with the only means of defense at his disposal– his manly fists. Yep clear case of provoquer beaucoup de ressentiment by the lower classes. Off with her head!

  14. Maybe it is a good thing that prosecutors don’t carry tasers or we would be reading about an even crazier situation. Florida is fast becoming a Texas wannabee with the stupid incidents involving its legal community. I hope the prosecutor here has some good insurance.

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