A Life in the Law: New Hampshire Man Arrested for 153rd Time Asserts His Self-Taught Legal Training

paul-baldwin-arrested-153-timesJustice Oliver Wendell Holmes famously observed that “the life of the law has not been logic, but experience.” One adherent to this principle appears to be Paul Baldwin, 48, who was arrested for the 153rd time and told a New Hampshire judge “I don’t need a lawyer – I’ve been in this court more than you have.”

Baldwin’s latest arrest came after he allegedly punched a man in the face. He had only been out of jail for a week (for stealing a can of beer) when he was arrested for the new offense. He is being held at the Rockingham County Jail on charges of simple assault and two counts of criminal trespass. He appeared by video in a surgical mask because of fears that he was contagious due to a respiratory ailment. bilde

Of course, J.D.’s are not normally awarded under a frequent felon program.

For the full story, click here and here.

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  1. Patty C:

    Coincidentally, I am off to secure some Maryland blue crabs this morning for a little seafood feast of my own. My “crab steamer pot” is now powering to “full propane” mode.

    My best to you and yours, and yes, it does seem like we’ve crossed this path before.

    Flambe’ seems other worldly. Bon appétit!

  2. This evening we are hosting a Maine seafood grille outdoors in seasonal departure from our famous ‘wintah-steamah’ which is, likewise, concocted by all manner of available indoor high temperatures, preferably including fire and fruity wood smoke, for an array of Ivy League surgical, and by many accounts, in fact, societal, losers in honor our longtime mutual friend and recently relocated colleague in observance of our formerly acute and now, chronic,’gay’ dx with attendant blissful pathology, as it were.

    We see this. They’re happy.

    Continuing breaking news, but the real ‘party’ is definitely
    going to be in…

    … New England, this summer… (sigh)

    In tandem with the Tiller tragedy, which no doubt we will also be discussing, I thought it might be entertaining if Bron98 and Anonymously ‘His’ could lightly touch on just ‘WHAT IT IS’ about doctors in each of their minds, individually, or between the two of them, generally, which justifies the plethora of snipes on a law blog , and largely aimed in my direction, and especially moreso, lately.

    Also, with regard to the recent escalations, also between the two, to hijacking my turlee identity in attempts at casting aspersions not only towards me, but on my on my partner, no less, who just so happens to be a brilliant surgeon himself, having trained literally hundreds of other successful surgeons, and someone I’ve only rarely ever eluded to, here, as one of the very first turlees .

    By the way, I’ll be serving a flambe for dessert!

    p.s. mespo, I’m telling you, it’s deja vu, all over again…
    No doubt in my mind.

    ‘Was it something I said…?’ LOL

    As I noted last year, I hope your wife STILL knows how lucky she is
    – as I do… : )

  3. To me, most of the regulars here are masters of the English language and a joy to read. Why worry about a few misspelled words, for goodness’ sake. I hope one day me talk pretty, too.

    Now, New Hampshire’s courts certainly spend far too much time with this Baldwin fellow. It seems he has a love/hate relationship with the law.

    He does resemble Otis! Here’s a fun fact about Mayberry’s favorite drunk.

    From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otis_Campbell
    Once, Sheriff Taylor locked a dynamite-laden goat in a padded jail cell to prevent an explosion. Predictably, Otis stumbled in after a night of drinking, and let himself into the same cell, only to find the mattress nailed to the wall (curiously, along with the blanket). Otis attempted to climb into the bed anyway, and naturally fell on the floor. Believing the peculiarity to be a result of his intoxication he proclaimed, “First time I ever fell off a bed onto the wall.”

  4. Queen of Sheba: apostrophe lesson.

    My postings must be a distasteful labor for anyone that understands the proper use of punctuation. The running joke in my office was that I obviously thought more was better than less, correct or not, when it came to punctuation.

    It got to the point that when the secretary (and secret master of the office) would say ‘I’m not sure I understand the construction of this sentence’ I would just reply with, ‘well, use more punctuation!’ This was usually after she had corrected it to the best of her ability. I miss her terribly, as must the readers of my postings 🙂

  5. Queen of Sheba,
    Thank you for the apostrophe lesson. Unfortunately, in my elementary school years I used to tune out English grammar and never learned some of the elemental rules. In fact there was a lot I tuned out. I learned to write from reading extensively and as you well know some writers eschew grammar, so my education wasn’t perfect. What about apostrophes after “its” as a possessive, I truly have never figured out that one?

  6. “While we have great differences on some issues (beyond Mespo’s curious bias regarding certain animals and movies — particularly goats),…”


    Vive la différence. By the way, I have never advocated a “goat” movie save maybe the upcoming George Clooney film “Men Who Stare at Goats.”

  7. To BuenaVistaMall;

    Please, PLEASE learn and practice the correct use of apostophes. The only correct use of “it’s” is when the word is used as a contraction for “it is.” Otherwise, no apostrophe. Ever.

  8. “[The good man] wishes himself to live and be preserved, and especially the element by virtue of which he thinks. For existence is good to the virtuous man . . . And such a man wishes to live with himself; for he does so with pleasure, since the memories of his past acts are delightful and his hopes for the future are good.”
    [Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics, IX, 4.]

    Patty C:

    I tender my apology to you and your significant other.


    The Cretin

  9. JT should ban hijackers.


    I agree and I sincerely hope JT reconsiders with respect to Anonymously Yours (and Bron98) for similar infractions since April 24, in particular.

    Anyone meeting my sweetie of a partner donning surgical garb or dressed plainly, would certainly understand why.

    I would NEVER suggest such derogatory things about him, not even jokingly and I am insulted for both of us by the two ‘cretins’, mentioned, who did.

    Mespo and I have been swatting flies from the turlee blawg, together, pretty much since the beginning and so this is not much different really. It is getting pretty tired for me, though.

    I plan to be around in the coming weeks, but consider me on ‘Shore Leave’ for the duration of the famously brief Maine summer. Time to have some warm outdoor FUN…!

    1. I will indeed continue to ban hijackers (as well as trolls) from this site in the future. The use of someone else’s identity to mislead other readers or embarrass one of our regulars is entirely unacceptable and intolerable on this site. I will continue to try to keep this was a troll-free, hijack-free zone as well as a place free of name calling. It is all sophomoric and adolescent behavior. If people cannot engage their opponents without assuming their identities or name calling, they need to move on to the majority of site that seem to relish in such playground discourse. While I cannot police the comments with regularity, I have been impressed how our regulars have kept the discourse civil while passionate. This site is enormously in their debt and indeed the greatest value of this site are not the postings, but the comments to the postings. I view my job as primarily starting discussions and sometimes adding my own views. However, it is primarily a site that exists for the exchange of our regulars and occasional visitors that include a great array of interesting and polite people. While we have great differences on some issues (beyond Mespo’s curious bias regarding certain animals and movies — particularly goats), we share a common interest in the law and policy and societal issues. Please help preserve this resource and refrain from name-calling and hijacking.

  10. lottakatz 1, June 5, 2009 at 12:21 am

    AY: “Patty C. being nice, no one could mistake that for the real patty C, can’t you see the humor in that? I can and I get a smirk. I wish I had thought of it before.”

    I thought it was Patty. I haven’t seen her humor but I assume she has some so I assumed it was her.


    I would hope that she has a sense of humor but I have yet to see it.

  11. AY: “Patty C. being nice, no one could mistake that for the real patty C, can’t you see the humor in that? I can and I get a smirk. I wish I had thought of it before.”

    I thought it was Patty. I haven’t seen her humor but I assume she has some so I assumed it was her.

    People don’t exist beyond their postings on a blog and their nom de plume is all we really have to go on or they have to hang their reputation on. Stealing an identity is uncool in the extreme. There wasn’t anything funny about the hijacking on that other thread; those postings only fostered conflict.

    It’s like visiting someones house and stealing another guest’s hat, it infers that everyone at the party is untrustworthy. It lowers the general level of repute of all the posters. JT should ban hijackers.

  12. AY, allow me to be blunt. I wasn’t trying to be ‘nice’.
    you also said:
    “It was not I, at least this time. LOL. So now the cats out of the bag and I did not do it. I generally have no problem saying what I think to the person that is offensive and when I am called down. I too will acknowledge it when I am wrong.”

    No, you don’t. If you ever ‘understood’, you wouldn’t say half the things you do say, much less in incomplete thoughts and poorly constructed sentences.

    Patty C 1, June 4, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    ‘Now that you know I did not do the Patty C. this time, which I still think is funny. I will not admit nor deny the other ones but they were equally as funny.’

    For these admissions alone, AY, I hope JT bans you, as well.


    ‘Remember, I said I owned up to it because, I wanted to have the focus on me as opposed to anyone else.’

    Now, THIS I believe, AY…


    ‘When I have been called down, I have apologized without hesitation.’

    Not to me you haven’t, AY, and neither has Bron 98
    – and certainly not today.

    p.s. mespo, I would stay at arm’s length, at the very least.
    This BS has been going on for a full year – since Bartlebee…

    I don’t care what either of them say. The ‘names’ have changed, but most things, if not precisely the same, DEFINITELY overlap.
    Like peas in a pod.

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