Texas Police Officer Tasers 72-Year-Old Grandmother Who Refused to Sign a Speeding Ticket

RichardMcCainConstable Richard McCain insists that a grandmother deserved to be tasered in a recent roadside incident to protect himself from a violent attack. The suspect was Kathryn Winkfein, a 72-year-old grandmother, who had refused to sign a traffic ticket. Deputy Chris Bieze tasered Winkfein after she allegedly became belligerent.

Winkfein denies McCain’s allegations that she “used some profanity” and “got violent” before he was forced to protect himself with the tazer. The use of such a device on an elderly person is obviously quite dangerous and has resulted in heart attacks according to some reports, here. However, a recent university study found no increased risk of heart attacks from tasers, here. This contradicts the view of other experts, here, who say that the device can cause cardiac arrest. I think it would be obvious that with the elderly or pregnant women (as in this case) the risk is quite high.

This entire incident was over Winkfein allegedly doing 60 in a 45 mph zone. It is not a crime to refuse to sign a ticket.

We previously blogged on the case of Jared Massey, a 72-year-old great grandfather who was tasered for refusing to sign a ticket. He was awarded $40,000 as compensation for the assault by Trooper Jon Gardner.

The police department is reportedly examining the dash cam video in its investigation into the Texas matter.

UPDATE: The police department has ruled the use of the taser was appropriate, here.

For a television video, click here.

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  1. I support the police in this situation. She was clearly an agent of Al-CIA-DA, err, I mean Al-Queada. You’ve never heard of US citizens.. errr,I mean homegrown terrorists? Plus, she was obviously a threat to the State Revenue Collectors… errr, I mean the Police Officer.

    Heil Hitler! Errr, I mean Obama! (damn, I’m getting my terminology ALL mixed up today.

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