Police Arrest Alleged Serial Cat Killer in Florida

Cats Mutilated Miami-Dave police say that they have serial cat killer: Tyler Weinman, 18. He is accused of who mutilating 19 cats in South Miami-Dade. He does not exactly fit the image of a deranged, torture-loving loser that you would expect.

Weinman is reportedly a popular student and swim instructor. He also is a dog-lover. He also joined called to find the culprit, contributing to the Facebook group “Catch the Cat Killer!”
He is now charged with 19 counts of felony animal cruelty, 19 counts of improperly disposing of an animal body and four counts of burglary.

Police say that Weinman gutted many of the cats and threw their bodies on the yards of their owners. There are still 15 cat deaths that are not attributed to Weinman.

We expect animal abusers to look more like Orion Stoltman. orion_stoltman_3_12_09

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8 thoughts on “Police Arrest Alleged Serial Cat Killer in Florida”

  1. death is to easy. cutting off his balls would just prove a point.
    anyone who kills a cat would have to be a coward,only a coward would kill a cat. why would he be so afraid of them? higher intelligence perhaps?

  2. Mr. Turley,

    This is the poster formerly known as FormerFederalNothing. For about a week now I have been trying to post on this blog with that moniker but my posts were not appearing on the blog after I hit the submit button. I deleted the cookies in my browser for this site and was successful in posting again. This could have happened for one of two reasons: a misconfiguration of the blog, or deliberate censorship on the administrator of this blog’s part. I certainly hope it is not the latter, but I wanted a clarification from you on why this happened. I am posting in a (hopefully) low-comment thread to try and reach you with this query.



  3. That is how a lot of serial killers, for example the president of a church in Kansas, are able to hide his serial killing.

    Their looks and the front the put up show that propaganda is not just for governments.


    What interests me on this one is the fact that deceit can begin very young and can be developed over time developing master deceivers.

    Most animal cruelty aficionados end up doing bad things to their own species.

  4. And to think that the same acts have been attributed to 43. Is he a young Dr. Mengele, in training?

    Just think of the VW you drive it was a product of Nazi Germany. That microwave that you use oh, another product of Nazi Germany, but this was for the cleansing of people and certain races while detained in Auschwitz. What do they have in common? They both used steel for construction. Who financed the steel mills? Prescott Bush’s banks. Who voted against the US going to war against Nazi Germany? Sen. Prescott Bush. Who had there assets seized by the American for Trading with the Enemies? The Bush family. Who got even with the US for having us have 2 Bush’s. The Bush Family. Oh the things I could say.

    I am not sure of the Bushes are a reincarnation of Commodore Vanderbilts’ family. They too had paybacks in mind, when it came the time.

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