Ron Paul Challenges Democrats Who Support an Obama War Over a Bush War

Ron PaulRon Paul has challenged democrats for what he views as their hypocrisy in voting against the war funding during the Bush Administration while now voting for same legislation under the Obama Administration.

Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong opposition to this conference report on the War Supplemental Appropriations. I wonder what happened to all of my colleagues who said they were opposed to the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wonder what happened to my colleagues who voted with me as I opposed every war supplemental request under the previous administration. It seems, with very few exceptions, they have changed their position on the war now that the White House has changed hands. I find this troubling. As I have said while opposing previous war funding requests, a vote to fund the war is a vote in favor of the war. Congress exercises its constitutional prerogatives through the power of the purse.

In the meantime, the ACLU has sued TSA over its arrest and detention of Paul’s treasurer, here.

For more on his speech, click here.

36 thoughts on “Ron Paul Challenges Democrats Who Support an Obama War Over a Bush War”

  1. Ron Paul is anti-choice. He is not a bad guy but his appeal is largely limited to a certain segment of white males. He represents a fairly conservative district in Texas, and he tailors his views on social issues to pander to his constituents like any other politician.

  2. Indentured Servant,

    Please cease with the cheap, vulgar 4-letter words. Surely you are old enough to use and understand proper words in a discussion.


  3. Have you proven Islam is worse than any other religion yet, Incompetent Servant? No? Then who cares what you think, pantsload?

  4. BIL:

    “Well, if you think the French wanted their pound of flesh after the Revolution, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. We’re a much nastier lot on the whole than the French could ever aspire to be.”

    oh that’s good, now fomenting revolution. The French revolution was a bunch of shit throwing a bunch of shit out. What are you that little intellectual giant Robespierre. Who’s your Rousseau, Mao Tse Tung?

    We can call you the dictateur sanguinaire if you like.

  5. AY,

    There are lots of ways you are incorrect. It’s all part of your charm. You do just fine without my pruf redding services. As to who/whom, there’s a cheat: substitute usage. Look at he and him. If you’d use he = who and him = whom.

  6. Buddha,

    I guess I need you to correct my post. Whom sumbuddy complained that I am not colloquially correct. Damn, and I ain’t even Politically Correct.

    I do admit, I do not proof read as it is the ideal I am trying to get across.

  7. Matthew N

    “The system is broken, but it isn’t like there is anything we can do about it.”

    We can do the math.

    As of 2006 (latest census data), the Federal Government employed 2.72 million people. ALL Government employed 19.73 million people. The total population of the U.S. population is 299,398,485. 75.4% are 18 or older. This results in a population of approximately 225,746,457 that is 18 years or older (voting age).

    We the People outnumber Federal government workers by roughly (225.75 total population – 2.72 Fed employees/2.72 Fed employees) or about 82 : 1.

    We the People outnumber ALL government (state and Federal) workers by roughly (225.75 total population – 19.73 total govt. employees/19.73 total govt. employees) or about 10 : 1.

    Outnumbered 10 : 1 or 82 : 1, either way, the one is the stinky side of that stick. They better get down the reality of THAT math because at the end of the day, the clowns in DC only rule as long as we let them. We could shut the whole show down. And if we’re forced to do that? Well, if you think the French wanted their pound of flesh after the Revolution, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. We’re a much nastier lot on the whole than the French could ever aspire to be.

  8. Anon,
    Paul has no need to buy into the two-party system and the corruption that results from parties wielding power by sheer numbers rather than by good, honest ideas.
    P.S. Try to switch your default who/whom to “who,” because more often than not, “who” is right, and if it’s not, at least it sounds pleasantly colloquial.

  9. While I don’t agree with a lot of Paul’s views, he looks more and more appealing every day. He is one of the only guys who will actually vote what he believes. I am shocked and disgusted that this bill passed with such overwhelming support. This just shows how willing the Dems are to deceive their base, many of whom have been voting Democratic for years because of the pledges to bring the troops home. The system is broken, but it isn’t like there is anything we can do about it.

  10. Here’s something to think about:

    The Proposal”

    When a company falls on difficult times, one of the things that seems to happen is they reduce their staff and workers.

    The remaining workers must find ways to continue to do a good job or risk that their job would be eliminated as well.

    Wall street and the media normally congratulate the CEO for making this type of “tough decision”, and his board of directors gives him a big bonus.

    Our government should not be immune from similar risks.


    Reduce the House of Representatives from the current 435 members to 218 members.

    Reduce Senate members from 100 to 50 (one per State).

    Then, reduce their staff by 25%.

    Accomplish this over the next 8 years (two steps/two elections) and of course this would require some redistricting.

    Some Yearly Monetary Gains Include:

    $44,108,400 for elimination of base pay for congress.
    (267 members x $165,200 pay/member/yr.)

    $97,175,000 for elimination of their staff. (estimate $1.3 Million in staff per each

    member of the House, and $3 Million in staff per each member of the Senate every year)

    $240,294 for the reduction in remaining staff by 25%.

    $7,500,000,000 reduction in pork barrel ear-marks each year. Current estimates

    for total government pork earmarks are at $15 Billion/yr.

    The remaining representatives would need to work smarter and improve efficiencies. It might even be in their best interests to work together for the good of our country!

    We may also expect that smaller committees might lead to a more efficient resolution of issues as well. It might even be easier to keep track of what your representative is doing.

    Congress has more tools available to do their jobs than it had back in 1911 when the current number of representatives was established. (telephone, computers, cell

    phones to name a few)

    Note: Congress did not hesitate to head home when it was a holiday, when the nation needed a real fix to the economic problems. Also, we have 3 senators that have not been doing their jobs for the past 18+ months (on the campaign trail) and still they all have been accepting full pay. These facts alone support a reduction

    in senators & congress.

    Summary of opportunity:

    $44,108,400 reduction of congress members.

    $282,100,000 for elimination of the reduced house member staff.

    $150,000,000 for elimination of reduced senate member staff.

    $59,675,000 for 25% reduction of staff for remaining house members.

    $37,500,000 for 25% reduction of staff for remaining senate members.

    $7,500,000,000 reduction in pork added to bills by the reduction of congress members.

    $8,073,383,400 per year, estimated total savings. (that’s 8-BILLION just to


    Big business does these types of cuts all the time.

    If Congresspersons were required to serve 20, 25 or 30 years (like everyone else) in order to collect retirement benefits, tax payers could save a bundle.

    Now they get full retirement after serving only ONE term.


  11. QFT: “… allowing TSA screeners to conduct general purpose law enforcement searches violates the Constitution while diverting limited resources from TSA’s core mission of protecting safety.”

    How much cash is too much? Why is the TSA even counting cash?

    What books are okay to bring aboard a plane? Which might indicate potential qualities of a domestic terrorist, or flag a pre-crime?

    What stops the TSA from ordering a search or copy of laptop contents in order to better assess the risk that a flyer might commit a terroristic acts? How about searching cell phone contents? iPhones and Blackberry’s?

    Why limit it to flyers? How about rail passengers? Subway riders? Bus passengers? HOV lane commuters?

    What about any other illegal activities uncovered in these investigations?

  12. I think Paul correctly points out the false choices in our two party system.

    Bush ran as a non-interventionist, small government candidate. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

    Obama ran against the war, for government transparency and a restoration of individual liberties. His actions have been entirely at odds with his words.

    Swarthmore mom noted that Paul was wrong on everything but the war issue. That means she favors the death penalty, the limitless war on drugs, government power to define marriage, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, Guantanamo, enhanced interrogations, the REAL ID act, the draft, the power of government to take homes by eminent domain, and FISA, among other advancements to liberty popularized by the Bush administration.

    I think Paul has been far more correct on these positions than Obama is proving to be.

  13. One “good” reason given for the votes? Loyalty to the president Party.

    That makes more sense.

  14. Lynn Woolsey reported threats by the WH against freshmen house members who were considering voting their conscience, as in, NO. One “good” reason given for the votes? Loyalty to the president. That’s odd because I thought Congress was its very own branch of govt. I thought it was supposed to represent the people and shut the purse strings on a disastrous policy of empire whose only beneficiaries are the have-mores. Please note that Scahill reports a 29% jump in the number of mercenaries in Afghanistan. Yep, that’s money well spent. Also note that our newest commander there, McChrystal was previously engaged in “special actions” that may likely be recorded on the pictures the WH refuses to hand over.

    I don’t believe in accidents about Ron Pauls’ treasurer’s detention/interrogation either.

    This sycophant mindset is exactly what scares me the most. When the president is up to no good, we are supposed to have at least one functional branch of govt. to stop him. This horrific vote will result in the death and wounding of countless of our people, civilians and bleed us dry financially. Exactly how long does anyone think this can actually continue before it all falls apart?

  15. I think the Texas heat makes one’s blood pressure go up if that’s what your talking about. Ron Paul is right on the war but is so wrong on just about everything else.

  16. BS is the word for today. BP is going up and it ain’t the oil company.

    I was not and am not a Paul supporter. I do see his points. This man is one whom Votes his conscience and now I wonder how he has made it in DC all of these years as what appears as an Honest Politician.

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