Pixar Pixies: Company Fulfills Wish of Girl Who Wanted to See Movie Up — Only Hours Before Her Death

colby_medUp_Poster.JPGColby Curtin, 10, had a lethal and rare form of cancer and had only one wish — to see the movie Up. Since it was not available on DVD and she was too sick to go to the movies, Disney-Pixar came to her house to show her the movie with and car full of stuffed character toys. Colby watched the movie and then died a few hours later.

Colby was diagnosed with vascular cancer about three years ago. The company came to her house on June 10. She watched the film and died seven hours later. The movie depicts a man who lost his wife.
The family had tried to get her to the movie as her health declined. The family asked a hospice company to bring a wheelchair but the company never showed up. By June 9th, she was to sick to travel and then the company stepped in to be a wonderful thing.

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14 thoughts on “Pixar Pixies: Company Fulfills Wish of Girl Who Wanted to See Movie Up — Only Hours Before Her Death”

  1. I dont know if Make A Wish had any thing to do with this but they are a great organization and grant wishes to terminally ill children and those children that live with life threatening medical problems, such as Cystic Fibrosis.

  2. glad to see with all that is going so horribly in the war there is some good things happening. Kudos PIXAR

  3. “See the big man cry mama that’s what I heard him say.
    See the big man cry mama looks like his heart will break…”

    Charlie Louvin
    3/65; Peaked #7 Country; Charted 17 weeks

    Any *Dad* would become emotional after reading this story, big man or not…

  4. Tears run unashamedly down my face as I read this and the comments. My heart is with the parents for their loss. If we look at the heartbreaks of life around us, we realize how many of our personal complaints are petty.

  5. snaps to pixar.
    i have a friend who lost her son last year after an 8 year battle with neuroblastoma, for which there is no cure. the make a wish people made this young man’s last wishes come true.
    it is a terrible thing to lose a child to illness, to anything. these little things we can do to make a child’s last days and hours with us are small, really, but doing them makes us better humans.

  6. And as for you JT, you’re making it hard to type. As Jim Croce said “must be something in my eye.”

  7. Every once in a while, I see this bright, tiny stream of hope escaping through the clouds. Rare and ephemeral, yet it’s still there. Hail and farewell Colby, the world is a poorer place.

  8. I just saw that movie with my little boy. This is the first time this blog has made me cry.

  9. They say a picture is worth a thousand words,that makes the story more heartfelt.Rest In Peace, Colby.

    And to the Curtin family,from my family to yours our condolences to you.

  10. I most humbly apologize to the Curtin family and thank my compatriot AY for pointing out my carelessness. My sincere condolences to the Curtin family on your loss.

  11. This is a sad tragedy and a good commentary on some of the values of corporate America. May she rest in peace.

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