The Wrinkle-Free Divorce: Connecticut Supreme Court Rules That Ex-Wife Is Barred From Speaking About Divorce Forever

Dr._PerriconeIt appears that the Connecticut Supreme Court has found a way to help spouses get rid of unsightly winkles in divorces. It ruled that the wife of wealthy skin and winkle cream doctor Nicholas V. Perricone may not speak of her divorce — forever. Thus, a private waiver signed before discovery is enforceable until death against Madeleine Perricone — presumably she is allowed to discuss the divorce in the afterlife as a matter beyond the jurisdiction of the court.

The court ruled that such waivers of free speech are “presumptively enforceable.” However, Madeleine insisted that the confidentiality agreement was signed before discovery for a limited purpose and that she never agreed or intended to be gagged for eternity.

Nicholas has made millions through Meriden “cosmeceuticals.” His lawyers went to court after Madeleine gave an interview to the New York Post and stated an intention to do an interview with the television news program “20/20.”

The confidentiality agreement was signed in 2003 and the divorce finalized in 2004.
Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers found that the waiver was “intelligent and voluntary” and thus enforceable.

Yet, the final divorce contained an “integration clause” that stated that it was the complete final settlement of their respective rights and superseded all prior written agreements between them.

The divorce was all the talk of the town with some astronomical figures, including Nicholas Perricone’s netting $457,000 per month from his company and royalties on patents and books. He claimed to need roughly $24,000 per month for travel and entertainment and Madeleine claimed to need $5,000 per month for just clothes for herself and her daughter. It is hard to feel sorry for anyone in this marriage, but the limitation of free speech is troubling when the agreement seemed a standard and limited discovery-related agreement.

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  1. “Lefty Frizzell 5/29/82 #1 Charted for 23 weeks”

    Of course, I meant David Frizzell, Lefty’s younger brother. The Great Lefty died in 1975.

  2. Gov. Sanford is a very stupid man, or he is guilty of the sin of hubris like most politicians. His staff, if they had knowledge of this, should be barred from holding a state job for life.

    If what Mike Appleton said is true I am going to call my son tonight and advise him to plow as many fields as possible before the mule has to be put down.

  3. Mike A,

    Round ‘n round, brother. I hazard to say you’ve learned a lesson about the sorrow of euphemistic language. Say three “George Carlin”‘s and your penance for missed Argentinian romance and steaks is complete.

  4. Then again, Mike A, we old men can always gaze back on things that might have been and wonder, if only…

  5. I only now remembered that years ago my brother asked me if I wanted to join him for a week of hiking the Appalachian Trail. Having failed to grasp his meaning, I pondered the idea of walking up and down mountains for hours on end and politely declined. Naivete can be a curse.

  6. I just saw the Sanford story on HuffPost. I don’t wish ill of him or his family, since they will all have more than enough misery to deal with in the coming months. However, I am struck by what appears to be an epidemic among the family values group. Back in the ’60s, young liberals preached free love, lived it for a time, eventually grew up, got married and got old. Young conservatives preached celibacy and the sanctity of sex, eventually grew up, got married, got old and had affairs. Is life a circle or what?

  7. Good one Mespo, the sangin’ Socratic lawyer.

    My Party’s poor ‘ol sex-starved or in ‘n out of the closet Republican sexual hypocrites are drawn to and are a’fallin’ like flies into the soured, smelly remains of partially crumpled, cheap, aluminum Buddy’s Beer can that was crushed like a man an layin’ upon the ground on a blisterin’ hot ‘Rzonie summer day…

    “She said, I’ m gonna’ hire a wino to decorate our home,
    So you’ll feel more ease here, an’ you won’t have ‘tah roam…

    “And for you, I’ll always keep in stock, those soft aluminum cans.
    “And when you’re feeling macho, you can crush them like a man.”

    ‘I’ m Gonna’ Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home’

    Lefty Frizzell 5/29/82 #1 Charted for 23 weeks.

  8. Looking at the good doctor it becomes clear where his miracle oil comes from. He fairly drips it! I wouldn’t ususally use this quote in such a superficial manner but it works and I don’t have that many scruples:

    “The best image of the human soul is the human body.” Wittgenstein

  9. FFLeo:

    I am reminded of that fine ol’ country tune of yore which I adapt to our present situation:

    “Cause he just started liking cheatin’ songs
    And what’s bothering me
    I don’t know if its the cheatin’ he likes
    Or just the melody…”

    In the words of Bugs Bunny, “What a Maroon?”

  10. Alas Buddha, we are amiss. Prof Turley corrected the headline:

    The Wrinkle-Free Divorce: Connecticut Supreme Court Rules That Ex-Wife Is Barred From Speaking About Divorce Forever


  11. FFLEO,

    In Re The Prof’s Sense of Humor

    You may be correct, sir.

    In Re Sanford

    Is anyone crazy enough to want to be a GOP press agent anymore? The next election cycle is going to hit them like a steamroller.

  12. Ha!

    All along, along, along the Appalachian Trail…huntin’ for tail….

    (Sorry to those who know the great country western tune ‘The Colorado Trail’)

  13. I wonder if SC Governor Mark Sanford will be able to talk about his likely divorce. Disappearing for seven days without word one to anyone, our conservative warrior and defender of family values flew to Argentina to “visit” his paramour. His staff publicly advised us that he was relieving stress by hiking the Appalachian Trail. He probably was relieving stress, but hence forth I suspect that infidelity will be known for decades in Columbia as “hiking the Appalachian Trail.”

  14. pardon me? and Buddha,

    Something tells me that our Prof. Turley is well aware of his supposed/alleged misspelling of his Urban-tainted prose, because he has the wryest sense of humor and some of the wittiest spellings and comments I have ever read.

    Professor Jonathan Turley: I am not requesting your full disclosure on the spelling question and I hate defendants pleading the 5th , ergo…’Silence is Golden.’

  15. Thank you pardon me!

    How can the court say she understood that a limited waiver would turn into a “forever” one through legal alchemy? If the court is going to turn wafers into the body of christ, I suggest the former Mrs. Perri-con(e) use religion as her weapon as well.

    Many people channel spirits. If she channels a spirit as part of her religious practice and that spirit tells what happened during the divorce then they would be violating her right to practice the religion of her choice. I’m certain the court would never want to do that.

  16. pardon me,


    Uh, Prof. You really might want to consider pardon’s notion. I’m not telling you what to do, no sir, but I’m just sayin’ . . .

    pardon, thanks. That was a new slang to me.

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