The Real Thing? New York Republican Claims Democrats Misconstrued a Coke Run as Political Statement

422255px-Coca-cola_50cl_white-bgThe New York Republican Senators are up in arms over what they insist was a Democratic trick: using the brief appearance of a Republican Senator to break a long-standing stalemate. Sen. Frank Padavan of Queens says that he was on a quest for a Coca Cola, not voting, when he cut through the Senate floor on the way to the member lounge’s soda machine. The Democrats immediately counted him as the 32nd vote and unanimously passed 125 bills in three hours with Republicans absent.

There has been a three-week old stalemate in the Senate with a 31-31 split. While the Democrats had a majority in January, two Democrats — Sen. Pedro Espada of the Bronx and Sen. Hiram Monserrate of Queens — switched parties June 8 giving the Republicans a majority. Monserrate of Queens, however, then switched back to make it 31-31. (It is not clear how the people of Queens takes to Monserrate switching in and out of party affiliation faster than Elizabeth Taylor changed husbands).

Republicans are calling it fraud. The Democrats insist that senate journal clerk Lisa Copeland counted Padavan as present in “accordance to procedures and customs.” Copeland signed an affidavit stating: “During these opening proceedings and after the start of session, I noticed that Senator Frank Padavan walked across the back of the Senate Chamber and looked upward toward the Senate desk where the deputy journal clerk is located and where I take attendance. Based on my personal observation of Senator Padavan in the ordinary course of Senate business, I marked him present on my Senate attendance sheet.”

New York Gov. Paterson has said he will not sign any of the bills into law due to the controversy. Personally, I am disappointed. This would have made for a fascinating lawsuit — and a wonderful sales campaign for Coca Cola.

We appear to have located actual footage of Senator Padavan upon his non-arrival:

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12 thoughts on “The Real Thing? New York Republican Claims Democrats Misconstrued a Coke Run as Political Statement”

  1. Eniobob,
    As I said this is one of the rare instances where I have very good inside information which I can’t disclose. Patterson, is thought to be a fool by most NY Democrats who know him, but the
    good will his father engendered has pushed him this far. I also know of one instance where he deliberately undercut a previous supporter and did so in an underhanded manner. However, as you said his real failing has been his lack of leadership, which considering the decades long struggle Democrats have had to control both house of the NYS legislature and the Governorship, bodes ill for the future. The shame is what they could have accomplished for NY State.

  2. Mike. S:

    I stand corrected he was Hugh Careys Secretary Of State.Not Lt. Governor.

  3. Mike S.
    You have just written what a lot of the papers want to write about the situation,re:the Governor.

    He came in with a rousing welcome, and like you say hes been very weak on leadership.

    They say confession is good for the soul and I think he and his wife told a little more than the public wanted to know.That said his “honeymoon”was that New York Minute.

    Basil Patterson was a quiet astute Lt.Governor,but the apple did fall far from the tree and rolled down the hill a litte to.

  4. Sen. Hiram Monserrate of Queens has always been a political sleeze. He is currently about to be, or under indictment for various acts of political profiteering. Sen. Pedro Espada of the Bronx, has been in his career only nominally a Democrat, so the switch is not surprising. Frank Padavan has actually been a decent Republican State Senator and mostly a political moderate. He, however, won his election in a squeaker in 2008 and has had to hold to the party lines more closely, if he wants Republican assistance. The real villain of the piece is David Patterson, who has been a disaster as Governor since Spitzer’s resignation. His performance as Governor has been a shambles and he has done little to lead his party or provide a real legislative agenda. He is generally thought of in Democratic circles as dumb but duplicitous. I know this via much more than speculation, but unfortunately can’t reveal my sources. Dumb and duplicitous is a dangerous combination. Through Patterson’s incompetence the gains by Democrats in the 2008 election in NY State may well be squandered.

    Sadly, Patterson is the son of a great man, who though a Democrat was one of the most respected people in the State by both Republicans and Democrats, Basil Patterson. His son got more than a leg up due to his father’s abilities, but he is woefully a dim shadow of his sire.

  5. I sort of admire the sneakiness. I wish the D’s in Congress/Senate were equally ruthless.

  6. Phil Graham did the right thing politically in the 80’s. He was an elected Democrat and served years holding elected and appointed office. When he decided to switch his party Affiliation from that of democrat to republican, he resigned from office and ran as a GOP candidate.

    The powers that be were rather upset but hey. He did in my mind the correct thing. If you are elected as a D,R or whatever stay the course. If you can’t then resign and run as the new candidate.

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