Marion Barry Charged With Stalking

225px-Marionbarry001D.C. City Council Member and former Washington Mayor Marion Barry, 73, is continuing to rake up new criminal charges. This week’s crime du jour is stalking. Barry is charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend and political consultant Donna Watts-Brighthaupt after she flagged down an officer and complained about Barry. He was given a misdemeanor citation.

In 1990, Barry was videotaped in a hotel room smoking crack cocaine and served six months in prison. He was later accused (repeatedly) of failure to pay taxes.

Watts-Brighthaupt, 40, insists that she broke up with Barry months ago but that he continues to call and harass her. He was arrested by the U.S. Park Police and not D.C. police.

Barry’s spokesperson says that Barry feels “betrayed” by Watts-Brighthaupt, given the money and support that he has given her over the years. She broke up with him three-days before his kidney surgery in February but said that her experience with Barry was “a wonderful, insightful, history-telling experience.” A rather curious way of describing an intimate relationship.

Barry’s lawyers are calling on the charges to be dropped. He has had great success in avoiding jail over such things as unpaid taxes, here. Even though he could not pay his taxes, he still bought a expensive jacket for Watts-Brighthaupt at an auction, here.

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  1. roflmao


    If that was the Mark Sanford joke you were referring to elsewhere, no need to apologize. It worked like a charm. 😀

  2. How do you effectively stalk someone from a wheel chair … unless they also are in a wheel chair?

    Perhaps there is a new law on how many phone calls can be made per hour?

    Tough case?

  3. Washington, D.C.’s finest in action. Crack Smokin’, Ho Fillin, Dope Dealin Fool at your Service.

    Let us just all love one another. Well we know the Rev Dumbpton is in California investigating why Michael died. Hmmmm, me thinks if you do enough of the right drugs all at once, you will die. But that just me.

    Maybe they out to investigate the cause of people that die because they quit breathing.

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