NASA Photographs Apollo Landing Sites and Find Oversized Arrows

Apollo11-Landing-sieIn celebration of the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, NASA released partially restored videos of the July 20, 1969 moonwalk. It also showed new pictures of the lunar landing sites, which are intended to debunk conspiracy theories that the entire story was a hoax. I am not convinced. I simply cannot accept that there is a large arrow on the moon as depicted on this obviously doctored photograph.

Apollo 14 also shows the same mysterious oversized


Many still believe that the entire thing was a Hollywood set, here.

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23 thoughts on “NASA Photographs Apollo Landing Sites and Find Oversized Arrows”

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  2. See Capricorn One, a really great movie with this theme as a premise, except for Mars instead of the Moon.

    My father always harbored a suspicion that they never really did land on the Moon, he also had a hard time believing all the stars in the sky were suns similar to our own.

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