Lawless Arrest: Police Officer Shown on Tape Assaulting Women Involved in Car Accident With His Son

230px-PhiladelphiaPD_1990_now_patch There is a very disturbing video and story out of Philadelphia where alleged police abuse was followed by an attempted cover-up. Agnes Lawless was involved in a minor fender bender but the other driver left the scene. She assumed the matter was over when she went in Lukoil store at 3 a.m. It turns out that the other driver was the son of officer Albert Lopez Sr. who is shown on the video of grabbing and slapping Lawless. Despite a witness who stated that investigators asked him to erase an incriminating video, the police department cleared the investigators and is debating whether to discipline Lopez.

The video shows Lawless chatting happily at the counter when Lopez grabs her from behind and brandishes his service weapon. Albert Lopez, Jr. is also reportedly shown participating in the struggle. One account says that Lopez Jr. had a .22-caliber Magnum revolver in his waistband during the accident (though he had a permit). It is unbelievable that an officer would have an encounter with the involvement of a citizen with a gun in his waistband.

Lawless admits that she made racial comments about Lopez, but that is hardly an excuse for what occurs on the video.

She was then arrested and charged with assaulting Lopez. Lawless and her friends have filed charged. The charges were dropped until the video surfaced — once again leading to the question of what would have happened if the video did not exist. There is also the question of any other officers who may have witnessed this scene and supported the charges against Lawless — until the video surfaced.

What is even more disturbing is that when the clerk on duty told investigators about the tape, he says that he was asked by two officers if he would erase it. Officer Lopez allegedly him to “do himself a favor and get rid of the camera tapes.”

Yet, the internal investigation found no misconduct by those investigators. Lopez never mentioned the involvement of his son in the accident that is mentioned in his report. There have been no reportedly charges against his son.

Other officers have been accused of such efforts to destroy incriminating tapes, here. One of the most disturbing cases is from Philadelphia.

For the video, click here.

For the full story, click here

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  9. “Actually the term artificial intelligence is an oxymoron as it assume the existence of natural intelligence. In fact there is no intelligent life on planet Earth, there might have been when Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman were alive but not now. Human beings are quasi intelligent and in developing the concept of “intelligence” they refer to something that exists in potential but has not arrived yet.”

    Have been caught up in a different thread for hours arguing whether or not the US President is legally the President, so i neglected to get back to you. However, to my utter delight Buddha has bought into the discussion and your interplay is fascinating and enjoyable.

    My mere addition to this is that it puts me in mind of a magazine article article I read perhaps 25 years ago about how corporations and bureaucracies run on the same exact lines as the Great Ape’s society. The picture has never left my mind and the truth of the concept is inescapable. We humans
    as noted by the Greeks, are bloated by hubris as we contemplate ourselves. With all our science and toys we are
    really still mentally back on the savannas.

    The other thing I’d mention is back in my hippie days I could walk into a crowded room and instantly know who smoked pot.
    This is also true for science fiction aficionados like you two and I just read two great books which I highly recommend to you both.

    Charles Stross “The Jennifer Morgue”

    Richard K. Morgan “The Steel Remains”

    You may know Stross from his “Atrocity Archives” and Morgan from his “Takeshi Kovacs” series. Great new writers, enjoy I hope.

  10. Buddah.

    Great to see that you are back to posting again. I just a minute ago finally got around to posting a reply to you on the broken-neck thread where you said you were giving up. I took a long time getting around to it because I was not in a motivated to post mood myself at the time and did not feel I could do one that was up to my standards.

    Science Fiction is what made me literate, it is also the means of popularizing many worthy but complicated ideas. I am a long time fan of SF since I guiltily read science fiction books to which I referred as “trash” when I should have been doing my homework.

    Einstein said something like this “Only two things are ifinite, human stupidity and the universe and I’m not so sure about the universe”.

    I think “artificial intelligence” is valid term but one should realize that if an AI is truly intelligent it would have to differ significantly from a human quasi-intelligence. The thing about human intelligence is that its application is limited to certain domains such as hard science and engineering. When attempts are made to apply it to social issues it breaks down, but this breakdown is not random but the result of mental mechanisms that have evolved to prevent its application to these areas. No doubt there are reasons these mechanisms have evolved and I think it is because they make efficient prosecution of wars, genocides and ethnic cleansings easier. A truly intelligent man like species would have been wiped out long ago by homo sapiens with his intelligence derailing brain functions that facilitate the hypocrisy necessary for opportunistic wars of extermination when the capability is there.

    An artificial intelligence would certainly fail as an advocate if it did not also include functions to understand the limits of human intelligence. The dominant factor in jury deliberations is prejudice and the skill of an advocate involves either appealing to or countering jury prejudice while getting his questions past the prejudices of the judge. I suspect appealing to prejudices is a lot easier than countering them which may even be impossible, which is why a poor black defendant charged with drug crimes has no hope of acquittal even if he is factually innocent. Alan Bean at friends of justice has a good post relevant to this at . This is the most recent in a series of posts so follow the included links to the earlier one.

    In an AI court of law one would need to use AIs as judge and jury as well as advocates. An AI not explicitly programmed to be aware of human prejudices and the means to exploit them would fail in a court with human judge and jurors and I suspect that in some cases no advocate can counter the prejudices that make the conviction of some defendants unavoidable even if they are factually innocent.

    Artificial intelligence has been 10 years in the future for about 40 years, but I think that is changing. We already have many subfunctions of intelligence built into computer programs, especially hand writing recognition and speech recognition. Another 10 years of Moore’s law will lead to microprocessor based CPUs with complexity comparable to that of the human brain.

    Global warming is real, but it is already far too late to do anything about it. Unacceptable climate change is already on the way, I would suggest that all nations recognize this and stonewall on doing anything effective while acquiring nuclear weapons for the inevitable resource wars that will follow it.
    It is true that the greenies who advocate preventing global warming are insufferably earnest and this justifies opposing all effective action against global warming just to spite them and and as we drown in the sea or starve when global warming brings Ocean flooding and famine we should console ourselves that the nasty greenies are going to hell with us.

  11. CM,

    I bring you the words of short story artiste and S/F writer extraordinaire, Harlan Ellison.

    “The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.”

    As a linguistic and technological matter, I agree with the misuse of the term “artificial intelligence”. It’s another one of those easy media words that gives people the wrong idea about a complex concept, such as “global warming”.

    There is no such thing as AI. There never will be either. There will be MI, Machine Intelligence. But it will be something unlike what we expect. Pure logic can be dangerous. How functional we make these machines is the issue. Asimov’s Three Laws are a good place to start, but any machine without hardware/wired behavioral inhibitors? That’s a sociopath that can think faster than any human. That’s Skynet. That’s dangerous.

    The term AI should be bifurcated – Expert Systems vs Machine Intelligence.

    On one hand, we have Expert Systems. There are baby Expert Systems in development right now. These may mimic AI, but really they are just stupid computers pretending to be human as an interface novelty. They may even have some abilities to make novations based on observed input and slick heuristic algorithms, a type of “original thinking”, but they would NOT be human. They may look and sound like it, but that “MS Lawyer 2030” is not a real attorney whether it gives sound advice as to the letter of the law or not. It will never be able to replace the human judgment call that “I need to change the tack of this argument because it’s pissing the judge off” or “it’s losing the jury”. It’s not alive in any sense of the word and just as dumb as the computer on my desk right now. In the movie “Alien”, the ship’s computer Mother was an expert system. And for all his sophistication, HAL 9000 was not alive. He may have been an expert system so advanced that he was on the verge of machine intelligence (a supposition backed by the later books), but he wasn’t what I mean by pure machine intelligence.

    On the other hand, we’ll have neural simulations. We are very close to this today. Effectively a brain without a body except the silicon or other man made material the simulation resides in/upon. These will be just like the humans the models are built upon and will likely be amalgams of neural networks modeled on real humans at first. It may be possible to upload a real person in toto as far as their patterns go, but now we are entering into sticky ground with the idea of souls and copies – an ethical dilemma I hope to die before I see become an issue. This avenue, however, will be the one that eventually leads to true Machine Intelligence. And we’d better hope it’s either not disappointed in it’s makers or has a real REAL easy to get at off switch. Machine Intelligence is a societal changing event – it would be a singularity. Something that changes mankind forever. Whether that’s for the better or not remains to be seen.

    But AI is a junk term. Just like global warming. It’s propaganda used by either side to their own ends without every explaining the intricacies of the issues to those they wish to influence.

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