Wisconsin Dells is Sued by National Guardsmen Who Claim that They Were Forced to Lick Up Urine in Alley by Officers

wisconsinDellsLogoWisconsin National Guardsmen have filed a highly disturbing civil rights lawsuit against the city of Wisconsin Dells, its police chief and three officers. The complaint alleges that police officers Wayne W. Thomas and Collin H. Jacobson forced the two gulf war veterans to lick what was believed to be their own urine off the street in an alley as well as eat a plant believed to be doused with urine. Wisconsin Dells called itself the “waterpark capital of the World.”

Sgt. Anthony R. Anderson, of West Bend, and Specialist Robert C. Schiman were in Wisconsin Dells for new training. Both had already done two tours of duty in Iraq. They were accused of urinating in the alley and, when they denied it, the officers told to lick up what the officers believed was urine or face a citation. The officers also told them to scoop up mud and lick it. Schiman says that he was also told to eat a plant believed to be soaked with urine. It may have been urine in the alley — a common place for people to relieve themselves in the area — but the men insisted that was not theirs.

When a third officer, Scott Albrecht, arrived, he is quoted as telling other officers “I can’t stop laughing. Wayne just made those two guys lick their own piss off the ground,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit asks for $600,000 and claims infliction of emotional distress on the soldiers; negligent hiring, training and supervision of Thomas and Jacobson; false imprisonment and violation of the constitutional and civil rights of Anderson and Schiman.

The department has recommended discipline for the three officers.

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7 thoughts on “Wisconsin Dells is Sued by National Guardsmen Who Claim that They Were Forced to Lick Up Urine in Alley by Officers”

  1. ya’ll buncha fuckin bitches. shut the hell up bow down by your dish just like a dog. didn’t see your ass over there now bow down. Lcpl Blink USMC~

  2. BuelahMan,
    You know that as I read the story the same thought was occurring to me. What threat or coercion did these officers have? That they made them do it seems beyond doubt, but the
    why did they do it is far from clear.

  3. There is not a chance in hell I would have licked a damned thing. Good God, what kind of brains does our National Guard have?

  4. This appears to be an offense that warrants all three officers to be fired, if true. I wonder who will write next to justify this behavior as falling within the purview of good police work?
    Reading the original story it is obvious that this actually occurred since Sgt. Mayer after interviewing the three officers and looking at the scene, recommended discipline. That only one was fired though, is intolerable, unless of course someone out there can justify the behavior.

  5. Cops gone wild, Wisconsin Dells version.

    Only when the police start facing real punishment for their actions, rather than mere slaps on the wrist will we start to see the gangs in blue clean up their acts.

  6. And to think that we treat the “Detainees” better? Makes one wonder?

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