Shock Jock Exposes Rape on Air — And His Own Apparent Indifference

nicubunu_open_mouthShock jock Kyle Sandilands is under attack in a shocking incident in Australia. His show is under investigation after Sandilands did an on-air probe of a 14-year-old’s sexual history while she was hooked up to a lie detector. During the questioning by her mother and Sandilands, the girl said that she was raped at 12. Sandilands responded by asking: “Is that the only experience you’ve had?”

Police are investigating the rape allegation while Sandiland is being attacked for his outrageous response. He has been removed as a judge on “Australian Idol.”

These exploitation shows dance on the edge of civil liability. Negligence is an obvious claim given the involvement of a minor. In this case, the defense of a waiver and consent is obvious –though with a minor involved, there remains serious questions. Of course, the mother is equally at fault for exposing her daughter to such a freak show.

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5 thoughts on “Shock Jock Exposes Rape on Air — And His Own Apparent Indifference”

  1. In the wonderful world of infotainment that has subsumed the news and all of media, all things that can make profit and/or boost ratings are fair game. Does anyone doubt that if this trend continues there will be reality shows on TV that will
    show humans hunting and killing each other? The sole aim and purpose of a Corporation is to generate profit. When profit is the end then morality becomes expendable. This shock jock is just doing what he sees done all around him. Competition shows like “Idol” lay a thin veneer of sentimentality over their innate sadism. The contestants though are all creatures of their culture and deeply believe that all their dreams of life will be fulfilled in the arms of celebrity. The mistake of those who believe that a “free market” resolves all, is to fail to understand that it’s the corporations themselves who least want a “free market.”

  2. The saddest commentary is that these shock jocks have an audience at all. That many in society actually enjoy listening to others being degraded, humiliated, insulted and abased speaks volumes about our future.

  3. I’ve been following this story.

    This guy is simply a stupid unfeeling sociopathic ratings obsessed pig.

    He’s in the entertainment industry.

    Nancy Grace hounded a woman about her missing child until the poor woman committed suicide.

    She’s in the news-u-tainment industry.

    Both are industries owned by media companies.

    The score at the half is
    Traumatizing Teens and Adults for Ratings = 2
    Humane Presenters = 0

    One gets fired. One still has her show on prime time.

    Hmmm. Yeah.

    Nothing stinks about that.

    Except all of it.

  4. Let me see, a chance at mums fame? The daughter the sacrifice? Or is it the Daughters chance at fame? Whatever the motivation mum cannot or at least I do not think validly waive a statutory offense, unless the consent for a female in Australia is 12. You’d have to ask the Bishop if that is the age that they agree that a child can consent to at least oral sex.

    So what’s Ruppert gonna do? Someone else besides him has brought shame to his media empire.

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