Pampered: Florida Woman Told That There is No Crime in Man Convincing Her To Change HIs Diapers and Feed Him With a Bottle

150px-Unangenehme_VaterpflichtenJanet Schulte has been given a surprising education into the line between crime and courtesy in Melbourne, Florida. Schulte was convinced by a man to change his adult diapers due to his mental disability. After three months, she learned that he was not disabled and simply had a diaper fetish. However, the police insist that there is no crime — treating her as simply a chump who fell for a diaper con.

Schulte insists that there should be some cognizable crime in this sordid affair: “How can that not be a crime for him to come into my house and expose himself?”

The problems began when Schulte posted an ad for child car services on Craiglist and had a man call asking about special needs caregivers. She says that the man told her that, due to a car accident, the man suffered from physical and mental disability with bladder control problems. He offered $600 per month for car of his brother. She says that she later found out that the man and the brother were one and the same.

She spent three months changing his diaper, rubbing his head, and feeding him with a bottle. However, when she became suspicious and followed him, she saw him get into a car and drive away.

She may have a point about exposing himself through this fraud, but the prosecutors insist that she was paid for the services. It appears that the Florida criminal code follows the slogan: “Live. Learn. Get Luvs.”

While it may be of little comfort, it could have been worse.

She can, however, sue in torts for the fraudulent misrepresentation.

For the full story, click here and here.

8 thoughts on “Pampered: Florida Woman Told That There is No Crime in Man Convincing Her To Change HIs Diapers and Feed Him With a Bottle”

  1. blech

    I can’t wait to get the hell out of this sordid State.

  2. she-got-payed-good-money,she-knew,theres-lots-of-diapered-adult-babies,,,,they-are-harmless,.affectinate,cuddley-when-you-baby-them,,,get-over-it,,lotta-men-and-women-enjoy-the-baby-treatment-being-pampered

  3. Oh, who hasn’t fallen for this scam?

    I may have been willing to pay $600 to see the expression on her face when she watched the guy get in a car and drive off …

  4. Gross. She must have been stupid, a bottle AND diapers should have tipped her off. I hope she made a lot of money for that.

  5. What was David Vitter doing in Florida anyway? She should have known he was lying when she found out he was the Senator from Louisiana.

  6. Ah, the things people do for fetishes. Like walking in the rain and the snow and there’s no where to go and . . . .

  7. I stand for the right to be changed — and wiped, powdered, and diapered too, of course. To think otherwise is age-based discrimination. 🙂

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