Chuckles the Castrating Clown: Japanese Succeed in Making Clowns Even Scarier

Ok, this is just creepy. The Japanese have invented a urinal clown that moves, laughs, and plays music as you . . . well, you can see for yourself.

When you combine the common fear of clowns, this becomes particularly disturbing. Therapists must be making a mint.

The Japanese are famous for their fixation on the toilet. When you travel to Japan, you often feel like you need to study a manual for the Japanese toilets at hotels which often have multiple functions and a control pattern.

5 thoughts on “Chuckles the Castrating Clown: Japanese Succeed in Making Clowns Even Scarier”

  1. I feel bad for the inventors parents. “All that time and money persuing and engineering degree and this is what you come up with!? We should have bought a boat.”

  2. AY,

    He’ll get the Presidential Medal of Honor. Well, maybe not, but they should get consideration at least.

  3. So when a Japanese person comes to American Soil particularity the US and pisses all over a clown in Public, what will happen to him?

  4. I love Japan. I love the Japanese. But sometimes they do make me wonder what the Hell they are thinking . . . this is one of those times.

  5. Sorry JT, but at Lewis Black says,it looks like you are “operating under a deluuusian.” That’s no clown, it’s Senator Larry Craig!

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