Police Officer Fired (and Three Suspended) for Photo of Twin Peaks Waitress Holding Assault Rifle

image5257170xA Twin Peaks restaurant advertises scantily dressed waitresses and a “fun, friendly and sometimes flirty atmosphere.” It was a bit too much for Texas police officers who had a waitress pose on their police cruiser holding an assault rifle. Sheriff Gary Painter fired one officer Daniel Subia, 30, and suspended three others.

The spontaneous photo op might have passed unnoticed until customers called the police about a waitress walking around with an assault weapon. When the police arrived, they learned other officers had armed the waitress when they went to the restaurant during a training session near Austin. The restaurant which promises “double your pleasure” succeeded in pleasing the officers a bit too much for Sheriff Painter’s taste. Miguel Valdes Ramos, 31; Ronald Eugene Wright, 37; and 34-year-old Christopher Lee Evans have all been suspended for three days without pay.

Subia was the officer who retrieved the gun from the trunk of one of the vehicles. All of the officers were in civilian clothes, here.

This is, however, not the first officers undone by the combination of booze, scantily clad women, and guns. Previously, it was five officers at a Hooters that took an unfortunate photographic turn, here.

For the story, click here and here.

20 thoughts on “Police Officer Fired (and Three Suspended) for Photo of Twin Peaks Waitress Holding Assault Rifle”

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  2. The article is incorrect. The officers were NOT from Round Rock. They were from North Texas in the area for training.

  3. Ah Marie, like all good comedy you’ve applied the “man from Mars” viewpoint here. What if she’d been wearing a “Bush sucks!” T-shirt in 2005? The officers would probably been fied also…

  4. “Handing the AR-15 over to the waitress is much worse than handing her a service revolver or semi-automatic sidearm.”

    That makes sense but, probably, too much sense. My guess is that is the waitress weren’t so “scantily dressed” it wouldn’t be such a big deal. It would probably also be fine if she took the gun to an Obama rally.

  5. @Mike Spindell: I totally agree. This was just “a bit of fun”. Totally harmless and even an ironic statement of our times. This guy gets fired. Now what the hell is he going to do? Career destroyed. A total over-reaction.

  6. These “pigs” should have been fired just like the “pigs” who are taser happy. Police officers are supposed to be the most respected members of our community. These men make me loathe the police even more. They have engaged in abuses of power. Some conduct is worse than other but it’s all an abuse of power. For this reason, they should all be fired.

  7. Ah TwinPeaks. Been there the waitresses at ten times smarter than Hooters. They have 5 tables as opposed to two to worry about. Really.

    It is a lot nicer than Hooters and it is doing really well. For all you of prurient interest here is a link to the web site it started in Plano just North of Dallas:


    Now to the article I agree why should they be fired for stupidity when they get promoted for shooting and tasing.

  8. I’ll have to fall in the FFLEO side of this debate. An AR-15 is so not like a pistol in ability to inflict harm that handing one to an untrained civilian in anything but an emergency situation is a bad idea. You accidentally squeeze most pistol triggers, you kill A person. This weapon, you could accidentally kill a room full of people. I’d have been more prone to the boys will be boys argument if it wasn’t an assault rifle. This is the same kind of inherently dangerous use as the “public shooting exhibition” like where that boy was accidentally shot with an assault rifle last year (may have been earlier this years, I don’t recall the exact timing). If you want to let the hot waitress play with your toys, let her toggle the lights and siren, beep her away from the weapons. No gun is a toy.

  9. Mike Spindell et al.

    Like unequal justice and sentencing in courtrooms throughout the U.S., some LE departments take their firearms policies seriously and some do not. Handing the AR-15 over to the waitress is much worse than handing her a service revolver or semi-automatic sidearm. All are serious breaches of firearms policy and will lead to disciplinary or adverse action for any Federal LEO. I doubt that that ‘Twin Peaks’ trains their waitresses in the proper handling of any firearms, loaded or not. Remember that there was alcohol involved and the judgments of the officers were impaired. Even If the officer removed the up to 30 round magazine, he might have forgotten to remove the round in the chamber. That is how most officers injure or kill themselves when cleaning their firearms, even when they are stone sober or are nondrinkers. Firearms and alcohol do not mix.

    The officers in the recent taser incidents involving abuse must receive severe punishment; however, I can guarantee that as a federal officer I would have been fired for handing my AR-15 LE weapon to an untrained individual in this instance, especially if I had been drinking.

  10. Mike Spindell,

    My thoughts EXACTLY. This seemed like a minor lapse in judgement compaired to Tazing Granny or shooting some unarmed bridegroom.

  11. RL,

    I noticed that also. She is sitting in a way so as not to cover up the full word. Actually, I expected a hood ornament pose but I guess the words on the police cruiser hood were less suggestive, ‘We are here to Serve the Public’ Oh, wait a minute…

  12. Okay, I have only been to Austin, TX a few times, in 60+ years, so I do not remember much about the topography but as I recall the area north of there, where Round Rock (RR) is situated, is ‘flat as a fliver’

    I looked up the mean sea level of RR and it is 736 feet; therefore, I must conclude that the *Twin Peaks* appellation must refer to the waitresses’ mean *She* level topography and not to the land’s mean sea level geography.

    Furthermore, I followed Prof’s link in the sole interest of gathering all of the available contrary evidence to my conclusion. Alas, after a through and unbiased review of the photographic evidence, my conclusion is affirmed. I suggest that all the guys, er, any interested individuals who want to view the facts, to follow those links.

  13. >.>

    Mike you took the words right out of my mouth.
    Now presumably had they SHOT her while she was carrying the gun they gave her they would be lauded as heroes.

  14. You know we see so many stories here of police abuse via tasers, etc. and no officers seem to get fired. This was a minor stupidity, that harmed no one and one officer gets fired and three suspended. What’s wrong with this?

  15. In Texas and Arkansas “the combination of booze, scantily clad women, and guns” will gen up the same treatment for anyone, not just police officers.

    But drop the “scantily clad women” factor and you are talking about “a good thang”.

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